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Land Notices
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Revocation of the Reservation Over Reserves

Under the Reserves Act 1977, the Community Relations Manager for the Waikato Conservancy of the Department
of Conservation revokes the reservation as reserves for off street parking described in the Schedule with effect
that the land remains vested in the Hamilton City Council freed from its trust.
South Auckland Land District—Hamilton City
Area ha Description
0.0799 Lot 142, DP S7283 (Computer Freehold Register 241897).
0.0617 Lot 113, DP S6731 (Computer Freehold Register 241896).
0.0498 Lot 100, DP S6684 (Computer Freehold Register 241894).
0.0371 Lot 101, DP S6684 (Computer Freehold Register 241895).
Dated at Hamilton this 27th day of September 2006.
(DOC PAD-03-12-08)