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Land Notices
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Notice of Final Decisions to Assign Place Names in the Ross Sea Region, Antarctica

Notice is hereby given of the final decisions of the New Zealand Geographic Board Nga Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa to assign the names stated in the first column of the Schedules below, to the places described in the second column of the said Schedules, and that such decisions took effect on 15 May 2006.
Schedule 1
New Zealand Names
Harbour Glacier Tongue 77º01'S Latitude, 162º57'E Longitude. A small glacier tongue, 1.6km long, between Couloir Cliffs at west and First View Point at east, flowing into Granite Harbour. Topographic Map: ST 57-60/6 & Pt 7 Ross Island (1:250,000), Satellite Image Map: Convoy Range (1:100,000). Replaces Harbour Ice Tongue.
Mahaka Ponds 77°18'14?S Latitude, 160°51'45?E Longitude. Two ponds close together at the south end of Conrad Ledge in The Fortress, Cruzen Range, Victoria Land. Topographic Map: Webb Lake (1:50,000). Replacing previous New Zealand Gazette, 20 October 2005, No. 177, page 4511. Renaming Greenfield Ponds.
Rennick Basin 69°50'S Latitude, 161°00'E Longitude. A seabed feature, depth approximately 900m, located in Rennick Bay, east of Suvorov Glacier and north of Rennick Glacier. Topographic Map: SR 57-58/6 Suvorov Glacier (1:250,000). Hydrographic Charts NZ14065, NZ14900.
Silverfish Bay 74°37'S Latitude, 164°40'E Longitude. A generally triangular shaped ice-covered bay, bounded to the north by Vacchi Ice Piedmont, to the west by Campbell Glacier Tongue, and to the south-east by a line bearing north-east from the tip of Campbell Glacier Tongue to Oscar Point, located north of Terra Nova Bay. Topographic Map: SS 58-60/9 Mount Melbourne (1:250,000).
Vacchi Ice Piedmont 74°32'S Latitude, 164°35'E Longitude. A generally trapezoidal shaped ice piedmont formed from glaciers draining from the southern slopes of Mount Melbourne, from an elevation of 200m sloping southward to the sea at Silverfish Bay, located between Shield Nunatak and Oscar Point and north of Terra Nova Bay. Topographic Map: SS 58 60/9 Mount Melbourne (1:250,000).
Schedule 2
United States of America Name
Mount Zimmerman 73°18'S Latitude, 167°10'E Longitude. A broad mountain at height 1010m, ice covered except for steep rock cliffs that form its northern face, bounded west by Meander Glacier, north by Mariner Glacier, and east by Boyer Glacier, located in Mountaineer Range, Borchgrevink Coast. Topographic Map: SS 58-60/6 Coulman Island (1:250,000).
Dated at Wellington this 22nd day of June 2006.
W. K. SHAW, Secretary, New Zealand Geographic Board Nga Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa.