Notice Type
Incorporated Societies
Notice Title

Dissolution of Incorporated Societies

Section 28 (1) of the Incorporated Societies Act 1908
The Registrar of Incorporated Societies is satisfied that these societies are no longer carrying on their operations and hereby declares them to be dissolved from the date of the declaration made by an Assistant Registrar of Incorporated Societies:
Brockville Staff Society Union Inc. 1214308.
Cuvier Crescent Area Property Owners Society Inc. 1058703.
Dams N.Z. Inc. 661549.
Mt Wellington Rugby Football Club Old Boys Association Inc. 224088.
New Zealand Funeral Directors Institute Inc. 1460863.
NZ Pipfruit Exporters Committee Inc. 1217509.
Queenstown Jazz Festival Inc. 1234590.
Taumarunui Community Child Care Centre Inc. 212474.
Waihi Veterinary Club Inc. 213882.
Dated this 7th day of December 2006.
MA’ATA KOLOVE LAVULO, Assistant Registrar of Incorporated Societies.