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General Section
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Pipfruit Levy

Pipfruit growers and collection agents are advised that, pursuant to the Commodity Levies (Pipfruit) Order 2006, the levy rate for the levy year ending on 31 October 2007 was fixed at the special general meeting held on 31 October 2006.
The levy rate has been set at 1 cent per kilogram of whole fresh fruit (plus GST).
A “grower” means the occupier of land that is used for
growing pipfruit, from which there was harvested at least 1000 kilograms of pipfruit during the 12 months ending with the previous 31 October.
Growers are responsible overall for ensuring that levies are deducted from sale payments and that the correct amounts are submitted to Pipfruit New Zealand Incorporated (Pipfruit NZ).
A “collection agent” means a person whose business is or includes buying pipfruit from a grower for resale or export, or selling or exporting pipfruit on behalf of a grower.
Collection agents are required to deduct the levy from payments due to growers and forward these amounts to Pipfruit NZ within 90 days of sale or export.
Growers and collection agents requiring further information including Commodity Levy Payment Return Forms, should contact Pipfruit NZ, by telephone on (06) 873 7080 or by facsimile on (06) 873 7089 or email