Notice Type
General Section
Notice Title

Notification of Archaeological Site

Notice is hereby given under section 9 (2) of the Historic Places Act 1993 (“the Act”) of the declaration by the
New Zealand Historic Places Trust that the following site
is an archaeological site as defined by section 2 of the Act:
Makatote Tramway, Erua
Part of Section 1, Block IX, Ruapehu Survey District (Tongariro National Park – New Zealand Gazette, 23 May 1984, No. 83, page 1679 (the tramway covers only
that portion of Section 1, Block IX, which is to the north of the Makatote River)), and part Section 9, Block VIII, Manganui Survey District (scenic reserve – New Zealand Gazette, 26 November 1914, No. 128, page 4144).
RICK MCGOVERN-WILSON, National Heritage Policy Manager, New Zealand Historic Places Trust, National Office.