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Veterinary Council of New Zealand Fees Notice 2006

Pursuant to section 97 of the Veterinarians Act 2005, the Veterinary Council of New Zealand (“the council”) in this notice sets the fee categories to be charged by the council under the Veterinarians Act 2005.
N o t i c e
1. Title, commencement and revocations—(1) This notice may be cited as the Veterinary Council of New Zealand Fees Notice 2006.
(2) This notice comes into force on the 28th day after its notification in this New Zealand Gazette.
(3) All previous fees notices are revoked.
2. Fees—The council sets the following fees, payable to the council, specified in the attached Schedule.
3. Tax—The fees are inclusive of goods and services tax.
4. Rebate—The council retains the right to rebate the annual practising certificate fee by a specified amount for early payment. The council is under no obligation to accept a lower fee than the gazetted fee at any other time than that notified to veterinarians on the form for the application for a practising certificate.
Fees Payable $
Application for registration 247.50
Application for specialist registration 1,400.00
Annual practising certificate (see also “Rebate” reference above) 275.62
Annual practising certificate for new graduates from Massey or new graduates from overseas universities who, having just completed their courses, are eligible for registration close to the end of the calendar year, the practising certificate being valid until 31 March the following year (this includes those who have successfully completed the New Zealand National Veterinary Examination or the Australian equivalent examination) 52.03
Retaining non-practising status on the Register 56.25
Letter of good standing 25.00
Issue or copy of any other certificate 25.00
Supply of an entry in the Register 25.00
Documents for overseas registration 25.00
Preliminary examination (Part I) (per attempt) 750.00
Written and oral/clinical examinations (per attempt) 3,500.00
Supplementary examination (per attempt, per supplementary examination) 400.00
Dated this 23rd day of February 2006.
RON GIBSON, Chairperson, Veterinary Council of New Zealand.