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General Section
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Notice of Designation of Branches of Veterinary Science in Respect of Which a Veterinarian May Practise as a Specialist in New Zealand

Pursuant to section 7 (1) (a) of the Veterinarians Act 2005, the Veterinary Council of New Zealand in this notice designates branches of veterinary science in respect of which a veterinarian may practise as a specialist.
Medicine Branches
1. Avian medicine
2. Canine medicine
3. Cattle medicine
4. Deer medicine
5. Equine medicine
6. Feline medicine
7. Goat medicine
8. Laboratory animal medicine
9. Large animal medicine
10. Pig medicine
11. Poultry medicine
12. Sheep medicine
13. Small animal (or companion animal) medicine
Surgery and Anaesthesia Branches
14. Equine surgery
15. Production animal surgery
16. Small animal (or companion animal) surgery
17. Veterinary anaesthesia
Veterinary Pathology and Microbiology Branches
18. Veterinary microbiology
19. Veterinary anatomic pathology
20. Veterinary clinical pathology
Other Branches
21. Veterinary nutrition
22. Veterinary reproduction
23. Veterinary reproduction (equine)
24. Veterinary reproduction (small animal)
25. Veterinary reproduction (large animal)
26. Veterinary radiology
27. Veterinary dermatology
28. Veterinary ophthalmology
29. Veterinary neurology
30. Veterinary cardiology
31. Veterinary oncology
32. Zoological medicine
33. Veterinary pharmacology
34. Animal behaviour
35. Veterinary public health
36. Veterinary dentistry
37. Veterinary emergency and critical care
38. Veterinary epidemiology
39. Veterinary toxicology
40. Veterinary parasitology
Dated this 23rd day of February 2006.
RON GIBSON, Chairperson, Veterinary Council of
New Zealand.