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Termination of Anti-dumping Duty on Oil Filters From China, Indonesia, Korea and Thailand

In accordance with section 14 (7) of the Dumping and Countervailing Duties Act 1988, I hereby terminate,
with effect from 22 December 2006, the imposition of
anti-dumping duties on the goods specified in the Schedule to this notice, because of the cessation of production of
like goods in New Zealand which will take effect from
22 December 2006.
Goods Subject to Termination of Anti-dumping Duties
Countries of Origin
China, Indonesia, Korea and Thailand
Description of Goods
Lubricating oil filters (including cartridge/element type) for use on internal combustion engines, including off-road, commercial and industrial applications but EXCLUDING:
? hydraulic oil filters.
? cartridge/element type filters having dimensions greater than 467mm in length or 400mm in outside diameter.
? spin-on type filters having dimensions greater than 300mm in length or 123mm in outside diameter.
? lubricating oil filters (including cartridge/element type) solely manufactured for use on:
(a) motorcycles; and
(b) aircraft.
Dated at Wellington this 13th day of December 2006.
LIANNE DALZIEL, Minister of Commerce.