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Corrigendum—Fisheries (Kaimoana Customary Fishing) Notice (No. 1) 1999 (No. F142)

In the notice with the above heading, dated the 30th day of November 1999 and published in the New Zealand Gazette, 2 December 1999, No. 184, page 4357, please replace paragraph (c) in the Interpretation with:
“(c) “area/rohe moana” means the area described by a line beginning from the middle of the Waikare River mouth (39°10.1¢S 177°05.4¢E), then perpendicular to the coastline out to reference point (39°21.4¢S 177°11.9¢E), then due south to reference point (39°26.9¢S 177°9.6¢E), then due west to Bluff Hill (39°28.9¢S 176°55.2¢E), and then generally westerly and northerly following the coastline to the point of commencement. The geographical co-ordinates named are in terms of the WGS84 datum.”
Dated at Nelson this 13th day of November 2006.
RAYMOND NECKLEN, Programme Manager (Deed
of Settlement Implementation Programme), Ministry of Fisheries.