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2006 Reassessment of Anti-dumping Duty: Plasterboard From the Kingdom of Thailand

Pursuant to section 14 of the Dumping and Countervailing Duties Act 1988 (“the Act”), the Minister of Commerce, having carried out a reassessment of anti-dumping duty applying to plasterboard from the Kingdom of Thailand (“Thailand”) and determined new anti-dumping duties, gives the following notice.
N o t i c e
1. Title and commencement—(1) This notice may be cited as the “2006 Reassessment of Anti-dumping Duty: Plasterboard from Thailand”.
(2) This notice replaces and supersedes all previous notices in relation to the subject goods described in the First Schedule.
(3) Pursuant to subsections 14 (6) and 14 (7) of the Act, the reassessed anti-dumping duty, set out in the Second Schedule to this notice, shall apply to imports of the goods specified in the First Schedule with effect from the day after the date of this notice.
(4) Where the anti-dumping duties imposed by this
notice are lower than those previously in place, in accordance with subsection 14 (10) of the Act, importers may apply to Customs for a refund of the difference
between the anti dumping duties imposed by this notice
and the anti dumping duty paid from 26 September 2005.
First Schedule
Subject Goods
There have been a number of original investigations in the past which relate to the subject goods.
The subject goods that the reassessed anti dumping duties apply to are described as:
“Standard plasterboard of a nominal thickness from, but not including, 6mm and up to, but not including, 12mm, of any width or length.”
Second Schedule
Amount of Anti-dumping Duty
The amount of anti-dumping duty to be paid on demand in respect of each importation of plasterboard (of the type described in the First Schedule) imported, or intended to be imported, into New Zealand from Thailand shall be:
A. For imports by Elephant Plasterboard New Zealand Limited from SCT Co. Limited, a zero percent
ad valorem anti-dumping duty per square metre.
B. For exports by SCT Co. Limited, to importers, other than Elephant Plasterboard New Zealand Limited,
the amount per square metre by which the normal value (value for duty equivalent) amount1 exceeds the declared value for duty of the goods.
C. For exports by BPB Thai Gypsum Plc, the amount
per square metre is the specific duty1.
D. For all other exporters2, the amount per square metre
is the specific duty1.
1These amounts are confidential as they are based on commercially sensitive information provided by various parties and cannot be released. The confidential amounts
are held by the Ministry of Economic Development and the New Zealand Customs Service.
2Suppliers and exporters may lodge a request for a reassessment of the applicable anti-dumping duty, backed by the necessary supporting evidence, for new amounts of anti-dumping duty to be established.
Dated at Wellington this 11th day of September 2006.
LIANNE DALZIEL, Minister of Commerce.
Note: Importers may apply to the New Zealand Customs Service for a refund if the amount of anti-dumping duty paid since 26 September 2005 is higher than that which would
be payable under the newly assessed rates of anti-dumping duty.
A non-confidential version of the Reassessment Report, which contains details of the conclusions reached, is available from the Trade Remedies Group, Regulatory and Competition Policy Branch, Ministry of Economic Development, P.O. Box 1473, Wellington.