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List of Products Subject to Anti-dumping Action

Final Anti-dumping Duties
Canned Peaches originating from South Africa.
Canned Peaches originating from Greece.
Galvanised Wire originating from Malaysia.
Galvanised Wire originating from South Africa.
Hog Bristle Paint Brushes originating from China.
Oil Filters originating from China, Indonesia, Korea and Thailand.
Plasterboard originating from Thailand.
Reinforcing Steel Bar and Coil originating from Thailand.
Refrigerators and Refrigerator-Freezers originating from Korea.
Washing Machines originating from Korea.
List of Products Subject to Countervailing Action
Final Countervailing Duties
Canned Peaches originating from the European Union.
Full details of the products covered and the applicable amount of anti-dumping or countervailing duty are available via the Ministry of Economic Development web site at:
The information is also available on request to:
Trade Remedies Group
Ministry of Economic Development
P.O. Box 1473
Telephone: (04) 472 0030
Facsimile: (04) 499 8508
Dated at Wellington this 23rd day of December 2005.
ANNE CORRIGAN, Manager, Tariff Policy and Trade Rules Group.