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Amendment to Transit New Zealand Bylaw 2005/7* Maximum Speeds of Vehicles on State Highways

Pursuant to section 61 (3) of the Transit New Zealand Act 1989 and clause 2.6 of the Land Transport Rule: Setting of Speed Limits 2003 (Rule 54001), Transit New Zealand hereby amends the following bylaw.
A m e n d m e n t
1. This amendment shall come into force 28 days after its publication in the New Zealand Gazette.
2. The Transit New Zealand (Maximum Speeds of Vehicles on State Highways) Bylaw 2005/7* is hereby amended by:
(a) Replacing line 467, in Schedule 3 of that bylaw to read:
“On: SH58
At: Porirua
From RP 0/9.92 to RP 0/13.46
Distance from nearest Road/Feature
From 100m east of Paekakariki Hill Road to 140m east of Postgate Drive.
Speed Restriction (km/h):
This bylaw was made by resolution passed at a meeting of Transit New Zealand held in Wellington on the 7th day
of December 2005.
Signed on behalf of Transit New Zealand under delegated authority by:
J. H. VAN BARNEVELD, Chief Executive, Transit
New Zealand.
*Supplement to New Zealand Gazette, 28 September 2005, No. 164,
page 4075