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Requirements and Exemptions for Profiles for 2007-09 for Tertiary Education Organisations

Under sections 159 (1), 159X (1) and 159Y (3) (b) of the Education Act 1989, the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) gives the following notice.
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1. Title and commencement—This notice may be cited as the Education (Profiles 2007-09 for Tertiary Education Organisations) Notice 2006.
(2) This notice applies from the date of its publication.
2. Introduction—To access funding from the TEC for the 2007 year, all tertiary education organisations (TEOs), other than those exempted via this notice, are required to have an approved Profile, as described in section 159W of the Education Act 1989, in place by 15 December 2006 that covers the period 2007-09. This Profile will be referred to as “Profile 2007-09”.
Profiles are multi-purpose documents. They first and foremost “profile” each TEO. That is, a Profile is a TEO’s document that outlines for its students and its other key stakeholders how it will give effect to its Charter and what its contribution in terms of the tertiary education strategy (TES) and statement of tertiary education priorities (STEP) will be.
Second, Profiles, during the process of negotiation and agreement with the TEC, provide a means of identifying areas of duplication and gaps in delivery and once completed, inform decisions on the allocation of public funding.
Overall, Profiles serve the following purposes. They:
? demonstrate how an organisation will give effect to its Charter;
? provide the basis for monitoring organisational performance, accountability for the use of public funds and meeting other statutory requirements;
? contribute to a system-wide map of tertiary provision which can inform TEC in its role of giving effect to the TES;
? encourage relevance of educational provision to stakeholders’ needs;
? encourage greater co-operation and collaboration; and
? provide information on existing and planned programmes and activities as a basis for allocating public funding.
Content, Criteria, Timeline and Process for Profiles 2007-09 for Tertiary Education Organisations
The content and criteria for Profile 2007-09 are based on the content requirements developed by the Charter and Profiles Working Party and endorsed by the Government.
Specific content and assessment criteria, and the timetable for Profile submission, apply for:
? universities;
? polytechnics;
? wananga;
? colleges of education;
? industry training organisations;
? private training establishments;
? rural education activities programmes (REAPs), other tertiary education providers (OTEPs) and community groups; and
? schools that provide tertiary education or tertiary education-related services.
The content and assessment criteria, process and submission date requirements for Profiles 2007-09 for each of the above TEOs are available on TEC’s web site at:
from 3 March 2006.
Alternatively a copy of the content, assessment criteria, process and submission date requirements can be obtained from:
Profile 2007-09
Tertiary Education Commission
P.O. Box 27-048
Guidelines and, where relevant, templates will be available on the TEC web site from 31 March 2006 for these TEO groupings.
Exemptions for Certain Organisations
The following TEOs are exempted from the requirement to prepare and submit to the TEC a 2007-09 Profile:
? Organisations that receive up to $50,000 of funding from the TEC in any one year.
? Organisations that the TEC is contracting only pilot initiatives that otherwise receive no funding from the TEC.
? Employers only receiving workplace literacy funding from TEC.
? Schools that are approved for tertiary education funding of less than $1 million in 2006.
? Private training establishments (PTEs) that are:
? only receiving non-student component funding, and this is approved for less than $1 million in 2006; and
? not seeking student component funding in 2007.
Dated at Wellington this 22nd day of February 2006.
RUSSELL MARSHALL, Chair, Tertiary Education Commission.