Notice Type
Appointment/Release of Liquidators
Notice Title

Whiterock Construction Limited

Notice of Appointment of Liquidator and
Notice of Meeting of Creditors
Pursuant to Section 241 (2) (a) of the Companies Act 1993
The shareholders have resolved that the company be liquidated commencing on the 26th day of June 2006.
Stephen Broadbent has been appointed liquidator and can be contacted at Unit 11A, 80 Paul Matthews Road, Albany. Telephone: (09) 415 0195.
Pursuant to section 245 (b), the liquidator gives notice that he does not consider a creditors’ meeting should be held due to the company’s minimal assets and liabilities.
No meeting shall be called unless a creditor gives notice in writing to me within 10 working days after publication of this notice.
Dated this 13th day of July 2006.