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Land Notices
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Notice of Intention to Take Land—11J Clearwater Cove, Westpark Marina, West Harbour,

Waitakere City
Notice is given, in accordance with section 23 (1) (b) of the Public Works Act 1981, that the Waitakere City Council (“the council”) proposes to take the land described in the Schedule hereto (“the land”) for a public work.
The land is required so as to be available for use by the public for boat trailer parking and the parking of associated vehicles.
The owner and any persons having a registered interest
in the land have been served with notice of the council’s intention to take the land and right to object.
Any other person wishing to object to the proposed taking of the said land may forward a written objection to the Registrar, Environment Court, Department of Courts, P.O. Box 7147, Wellesley Street, Auckland, within 20 working days after the date of publication of this notice.
If any objection is made in accordance with this notice, a public hearing will be held and the objector will be advised of the time and place of the hearing and will have the right to appear and be heard.
Any person requiring further information may contact Graham Wakefield, Legal Services. Telephone: (09) 836 8000 (Extn: 8822).
North Auckland Land District—Waitakere City
Land at 11J Clearwater Cove, Westpark Marina, West Harbour, Waitakere City, being:
648 square metres, Lot 49, DP 211038, together with
a one?twelfth undivided share in Lot 53, DP 211038,
and a one?quarter undivided share in Lot 54, DP 211038 (being all the land contained in Computer Freehold Register NA139A/913).
Dated at Auckland this 25th day of October 2005.
H. V. O’ROURKE, Chief Executive, Waitakere City Council.