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Land Notices
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Notice of Classification of Reserve and Declaration of Reserve Name—Crosby Reserve, Waiheke Island

Pursuant to section 16 of the Reserves Act 1977, the Auckland City Council hereby notifies that a resolution was adopted by the Auckland City Council at its meeting on
6 April 2005, classifying the land described in the Schedule hereto as a scenic reserve subject to the Reserves Act 1977, for the purposes specified in section 19 (1) (a) of the said Act, subject to storm water drainage right in gross created by transfer 212606 and fencing agreement created by transfer 571082, and further declares that the scenic reserve described in the Schedule hereto shall hereafter be known as the Crosby Reserve.
North Auckland Land District—Auckland City
Area m2 Description
2289 Lots 396 and 398, DP 19224 (all Computer Freehold Register NA1194/83).
Dated at Auckland this 27th day of June 2005.
BRYAN GEORGE TAYLOR, Principal Administrative Officer, Auckland City Council.
(ACC B2404)