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Marriage Celebrants for 2005 Notice No. 99

Pursuant to the provisions of section 8 of the Marriage Act 1955, the following names of marriage celebrants within
the meaning of the said Act are published for general information:
Arnold, Margaret, Salvation Army.
Behan, James Douglas, Anglican.
Bonnett, Brenda Jayne, Anglican.
Cavanagh, David Bruce, Anglican.
Christakakos, Theologian, Greek Orthodox Church.
Cochrane, Ben, Assemblies of God in New Zealand.
Cottle, Cathie, Baptist.
Crowden, Darryl, Salvation Army.
Crowden, Sandra, Salvation Army.
DeMaine, Christine, Salvation Army.
DeMaine, Nigel, Salvation Army.
Duffy, Kevin, Roman Catholic.
Dyer, Adrian Louis, Anglican.
Falconer, Colin Ross, Anglican.
Glassie, Paul, Assemblies of God in New Zealand.
Hargest, Nicola, Salvation Army.
Hargest, Ralph, Salvation Army.
Hewlett, Charles Richard, Baptist.
Howard, Robert Edward, Anglican.
Johnston, Judith, Anglican.
Joll, Thomas Alan, Anglican.
Koulos, Theofanis, Greek Orthodox Church.
Laing, Brian Raymond, Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa NZ.
Maslin, Jill Alma, Anglican.
McIntosh, Malcolm Leslie, Baptist.
McKerrow, Andrew, Salvation Army.
McKerrow, Kim, Salvation Army.
Millar, Brenton, Salvation Army.
Milligan, Maud Ethel, Anglican.
Noanoa, Huri Huri Charles, Anglican.
Owen, Avis, Salvation Army.
Owen, Mark, Salvation Army.
Read, Warren, Baptist.
Resink, Henry Gordon, Anglican.
Roberts, Gayle, Salvation Army.
Roberts, Peter, Salvation Army.
Saywell, Vaughan, Baptist.
Sherlock, John Alexander, Anglican.
Time, Setefano, Assemblies of God in New Zealand.
Tsoukos, Amfilochios, Greek Orthodox Church.
Vyle, Elaine, Salvation Army.
Zafar, Kevin, Salvation Army.
Zafar, Kezia, Salvation Army.
Dated at Wellington this 15th day of December 2005.
B. E. CLARKE, Registrar-General.