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Special Direction Classifying Persons Who Require Transit Visas Under Section 14E of the Immigration Act 1987

(1) Pursuant to sections 130 and 14E of the Immigration Act 1987, I direct that citizens of the Kingdom of Nepal must apply for and obtain a transit visa for the purposes of section 14E of the Immigration Act 1987.
(2) Despite (1) above, a person need not apply for or obtain a transit visa before proceeding to New Zealand if:
(a) the person holds another current visa to enter
New Zealand; or
(b) the person’s immediate or ultimate destination after transiting through New Zealand is Australia, and
the person holds a current visa issued by the Government of Australia to enter Australia.
(3) This special direction shall come into force on 19 August 2005.
Dated at Wellington this 15th day of August 2005.
PAUL DESMOND SWAIN, Minister of Immigration.