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Charitable Trusts
Notice Title

Blair Bursaries and Scholarships

Advertisement of Application to Vary a Charitable Trust
Pursuant to section 36 of the Charitable Trusts Act 1957,
an application has been made by Trustees Executors Limited to vary the mode of administration of the following charitable trusts:
The Blair Boys Scholarship.
The Blair Girls Scholarship.
The Blair Bursary.
The Blair Theological Bursary.
These charitable trusts giving Trustees Executors Limited the discretion to determine the sum they deem sufficient to be paid and applied to any recipient under any of these scholarships or bursaries.
The application to vary the mode of administration of these charitable trusts is proposed to be heard in the High Court at Dunedin on the 15th day of November 2005 at 2.15 p.m.
Any person wishing to oppose the scheme sought under the application by Trustees Executors Limited must give written notice of their intention to do so to the Registrar of the
High Court at Dunedin, Trustees & Executors Limited
and the Attorney-General not less than seven clear days before the date of the proposed hearing.
Trustees Executors Limited Can be Contacted Care of: Webb Farry Solicitors, P.O. Box 5541, Dunedin.