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Notice of Making of a Recommendation and Assessment Concerning the Electricity Governance Rules 2003 – Rule Amendment Proposal No. 80

This notice of a recommendation and assessment
concerning the Electricity Governance Rules 2003 (“Rules”), Rule Amendment Proposal No. 80, is
issued by the Electricity Commission (“Commission”), established under the Electricity Act 1992 (“Act”),
pursuant to section 172E (2) (c) of that Act.
Section 172E (2) (c) provides that, no later than 10 working days after making a recommendation concerning the Rules to the Minister of Energy, the Commission must publicise the recommendation and the assessment completed under section 172F of the Act.
The Commission made a recommendation on 12 December 2005 that the Rules be amended to insert a new Schedule, Schedule F3A – Core Grid Determination, into Section III of Part F.
Recommended Amendment to the Rules
The recommended amendments to the Rules were to insert the Commission’s proposed Core Grid Determination, which completes the Grid Reliability Standards, in a Schedule to Section III of Part F of the Rules.
A copy of the Commission’s recommendation and assessment is available, at no cost, on the Commission’s web site:
Dated at Wellington this 12th day of December 2005.
For and on behalf of the Electricity Commission: