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Notice of Making of Electricity Governance Amendment Rules (No. 33) 2005 and Notice of Reasons for Decision

1. Pursuant to section 172I of the Electricity Act 1992,
I notify the amendment of the Electricity Governance Rules 2003 (“Rules”) under section 172H of the Electricity Act 1992.
2. The empowering provision for the electricity governance regulations in relation to which the Rules are made is section 172D (1) (4) of the Electricity Act 1992 (“Act”).
3. A brief description of the nature of the amendment is as follows:
The amendment is to insert the core grid determination into the Rules as Schedule F3A – Core Grid Determination, into Section III of Part F.
4. Pursuant to section 172Z (4) of the Act, the reasons for my decision to amend the Rules are that:
(a) Rule 5A of Section III of Part F requires the Electricity Commission to determine the most appropriate core grid determination. In accordance with the Act and the Rules, the Electricity Commission has done so.
(b) This amendment to Part F of the Rules provides a basis for the Electricity Commission to undertake its remaining functions in relation to transmission of electricity under Part F of the Rules, in particular, to enable:
(i) the Electricity Commission’s Board (“Board”) to determine grid reliability standards;
(ii) the Board to publish statements of opportunities;
(iii) Transpower to prepare grid upgrade plans; and
(iv) other parties to appraise opportunities for transmission investment and transmission alternatives.
5. These Rules come into force on 20 January 2006.
6. Copies of the Rules may be inspected free of charge or purchased from the Electricity Commission, Level Seven, ASB Bank Tower, 2 Hunter Street, Wellington. The Rules can also be viewed on the Electricity Commission web site:
Dated at Wellington this 14th day of December 2005.
DAVID PARKER, Minister of Energy.