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Authorities/Other Agencies of State
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Notice of Approval of Reflectorised Materials for Use on Traffic Signs

Pursuant to subclause 4.4 (7) of the Land Transport Rule: Traffic Control Devices 2004, and pursuant to a sub-delegation to me by the Director of Land Transport by an instrument dated the 18th day of February 2005, I, Robert Albert Gibson, Senior Engineer, Land Transport New Zealand, hereby approve reflective materials listed in Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 for the purpose of traffic signage.
Schedule 1
The following material is approved for use for traffic signs:
Trade Name Material Colours
3M™ Scotchlite™ Diamond Grade™ VIP White (3990), Yellow (3991), Red (3992), Blue (3995), Standard (Worboys) Green (3996), Green (NZ) (3997).
DG3 ™ White (4090), Yellow (4091).
Engineer Grade Class 2 White (3270), Yellow (3271), Red (3272), Green (3276), Blue (3275).
High Intensity Class 1 White (3870), Red (3872), Green (3877), Standard (Worboys) Green (3826), Yellow (3871), Blue (3875), Brown (3879), Orange (3824).
High intensity prismatic White (3930), Yellow (3931).
LDP Diamond Grade™sheeting Class 1A White (3970), Yellow (3971).
LDP Diamond Grade™fluorescent sheeting Orange (3924), VIP Yellow (3981).
Avery Dennison® S-9000 Omni-Brite ™ White (S-9000).
T-2500 Class 2A Brown (T-2509).
T-4500 Class 1A White (T-4510), Yellow (T-4520), Blue (T-4540), Red (T-4550).
T-5500 Class 1 White (T-5500), Red (T-5508), Worboys Green (T-5527), Blue (T-5507),Yellow (T-5501), Orange (T-5504).
T-6500 White (T-6500), Worboys Green (T-6527), Orange (T-6504).
T-7500 Class 1A Yellow (T-7501), Red (T-7508), White (T-7500), Blue (T-7505).
T-7500 fluorescent sheeting Yellow (T-7511).
W-7500 Dual Spec Plusfluorescent sheeting Orange (W-7514).
WR-6100 work zone sheeting White (WR-6100).
WU-6014 fluorescent roll-up sheeting Orange (WU-6014).
Corlite Class 1 Sheeting White, Yellow, Red, Blue.
Kiwalite Class 2 Sheeting White (2013), Yellow (2043), Orange (2053), Red (2063), Freeway Green (2073), Blue (2083), Brown (2193).
Class 2A Sheeting White (12013), Yellow (12043), Orange (12053), Red (12063), Freeway Green (12073), Blue (12083), Moss Green (12173), Brown (12193).
High Intensity Class 1 White (22013), Yellow (22043), Red (22063), Blue (22083), Brown (22193) Moss Green (22273).
Luckylite GR Series Class 1 White, Yellow, Red, Green (NZ), Blue.
Nikkalite™ Ultralite Class 1 White, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue.
Class 2 White, Yellow, Red, Standard Green, Blue.
Reflexite® Marathon grade fluorescentroll-up sheeting Orange.
Schedule 2
The following material has been approved only for use on signs in the W16 and W17 series of signs described in Part 3, First Schedule of the Land Transport Rule: Traffic Control Devices 2004 being:
(a) W16 signs relating to pedestrians, cyclists or horses; or
(b) W17 vehicle mounted signs relating to:
(i) vehicles covered by any operating requirements, general permits or any specific or special overdimension permits set by Land Transport New Zealand; or
(ii) passenger service vehicles being used as school buses.
3M™ Diamond Grade™ LDP material: Fluorescent Yellow-Green (3963), VIP Fluorescent Yellow-Green (3983);
Avery Dennison® S-7000 Class 1A Fluorescent Yellow-Green (S-7113) and, for W17 series signs, S-9000
Omni-Brite ™ Fluorescent Yellow-Green (S-9013) roll-up sheeting.
The following notice issued pursuant to subclause 4.4 (7) of the Land Transport Rule: Traffic Control Devices 2004 is hereby revoked:
Notice dated the 17th day of May 2005 and published in the New Zealand Gazette, 19 May 2005, No. 80, page 1906.
Signed at Wellington on this 11th day of July 2005.
R. A. GIBSON, Senior Engineer.