Notice Type
Notice Title

Certificate of Special Partnership

In the High Court of New Zealand, Wanganui Registry
In the matter of Part II of the Partnership Act 1908, and in the matter of Bradwood Forest Limited and Company being the Special Partnership:
It is hereby certified, pursuant to section 51 of the Partnership Act 1908, that:
1. The name of the Special Partnership is Bradwood Forest Limited and Company.
2. The names, places of residence and capital contributions of the General and Special Partners are set forth in the Schedule hereto.
3. The business of the partnership will be agriculture, forestry and tree farming.
4. The principal place at which the business of the partnership will be situated at Parapara Road, Wanganui,
5. The partnership commenced business on the 31st day of July 1991 and, subject to the provisions in the Partnership Deed relating to earlier dissolution, shall terminate upon the expiry of seven years from the date of this registration.
General Partner
Bradwood Forest Limited and Company, 219 Victoria Avenue, Wanganui. Nil capital.
Special Partners
Malcolm John Sinclair George - of Apiti. Richard Michael and Nola Anne Abraham; Edward John and Cynthia Lorraynne Audain; Yvonne Lyndsay Baldock; John Kenneth Ballard; Moira Horoewi Barraball; Graham and Denise Brown; Evelyn Frances Budden; Ping-Chung Chen; Ping-En Chen; Ping-I Chen; Tina Cole; Selwyn James Cooper; Rosemary Ute Coyle; Roy Ivor Forsyth and Thomas Rowland Piggin as trustees; Karen Anne and Peter Anthony Delamare, Roy Ivor Forsyth and Peter Albert Craighead as trustees; Michael Desmond; Clinton Douglas and Joan Elizabeth Frogley as trustees; Bruce Alexander Foggo; Christopher David Foley; Stephen Reginald Grant; Barbara Wendy Guthrie, Ruth Barbara Meredith and Jonathon David Guthrie as trustees; Peter John Hale; Stuart Hampton as trustee; Kathryn Hughes; Maurice Leonard Jeffrey; David John Kelly; Jennifer Bronwyn Keymer; Gregory Rex Keymer; Philip and Judy King; Wah Jim Kum; Stuart Everard Malcolm; Geoffrey Keith March; Susanne Ruby March; Victoria Anne Mason; Graham Trevor Mathieson; Joyce Daley McComish; Brett Gordon and Jane Marina McGill; Gary James Metzger; Andrew John Moller; Barbara Louise Moses; Lloyd John Parrant; Peter Bradney and Jennifer Helen Bould as trustees; Peter Jacob Frederick Duynstee and Cheshire Nominees Limited as trustees; Joseph Clive and Melanie Robyn Phillips; Michael John Pilbro; Michael John Revell; Brendon John and Cheryl Frances Robinson and Ian William Stevenson as trustees; Frederick Coe and Susan Schaumkel; Verena Schneider; Jonathan Edward and Josephine Susan Simon; Michael John and Jayne Philippa Soons; Lawson Wah Sue; Alec Archdale Tayler; Ean Douglas Pyke and Pauline Fell as trustees; Ross Stuart and Maryann Therese Thompson; Warwick Stanley Vause; Roy Ivor Forsyth and Thomas Rowland Piggin as trustees; Francis Cloudesly and Cushla Gail Watson; Bretton Maxwell and Marjorie Raewyn Werner and Bruce McNiece as trustees; Gordon William and Dianne Elizabeth Whiteacre and Independent Trust Company Limited as trustees; Graham Robert and Catherine Marie Zuill - of Auckland. Susan Louise Read; Gary Edwin Sutherland; Anthony Peter Ward; Brendan Jonathon Wood - of Australia; Bridget Sortain-Smith of Blenheim; Laurence Mark Smith - of Cambridge; Ian Craig Brabbs; Leith Gordon and Denise Margaret Falconer; Linda Jacqueline Garrett; Margaret Elizabeth Griffiths; Grant William, Dean Russell and Mark Richard Hanham of the Hanham Partnership; Mark William and Deborah Karen Harris; Heather Heald; John Courtney and Sonia Dorothy Isitt; Bernadette Anne Jeffrey; Hilary Patrick Kearney; John Cornelius Pauwels as trustee; Michael Drummond MacFarlane and Michael James Rowlands; Mary Elizabeth Stone - of Christchurch. Elizabeth Jane Anderson; Alison Claire Evans; William David McDonald - of Dunedin. Andrew William and Victoria Jane Morton and Stewart John Kempson - of Feilding. Steven Alan Evans; Noel Roy and Patricia Dawn Jellyman; Allan and Megan Frances Kay; Julie Ann Lam; Hugh William Morgan; Paul Christopher Petrie; Jacqueline Mary Slavich; Michael and Heather Smith and Alan Kosoof as trustees; Roger Neil and Kay Heather Wolfe - of Hamilton. James William Edmondston - of Hawera. Bruce David Picot - of Nelson. Mark and Janet Apperley; Adrienne Marie Crabbe - of North Canterbury. Lyndon Alan and Christine Ruth Jones - of Otago. Andrew David Mitchell; Colleen Margaret Morris; Alan David Smeaton - of Palmerston North. Gregory John Smith - of Putaruru; Wayne Anthony Foley - of Queenstown. David Francis Mace and Barbara Jane Moir - of Taupo. Warren Laird Coventry; Janet-Ann Laing Coventry - of Tauranga. Matthew David and Megan Joan Brown; Lester Ian and Frances Anne Chaplow - of Thames. Stephen Bruce Tulley and Ann Louise Fitzgerald - of Timaru. Suzanne Karen Gendall - of United Kingdom. Craig David and Lyndel Catrina Thomson - of Waikanae. Timothy Tane Harper - of Wanaka. Barry Edwards; John Alexander Hamilton; Elizabeth Mary Jamieson-Bell; Peter Scott, Tristine Anne and Jeffrey Ray Martin as trustees; Benjamin William Plant; Jann Marian Reinke; Lyndsay John Tait as trustee - of Wanganui. Robert Allen Hughes - of Warkworth. Eoin Malcolm Miller, Kathleen Margaret Johnson and Euan Lindsay Taylor Wright as trustees; the trustees of the Buchanan Squire Family Trust; the trustees of the Ekara Trust; Michael John Lynch and Margaretha Albertine Lynch-Noble; Joseph Mark and Pamela Elizabeth Rutherford and Peter David Sherwin as trustees; Christopher Derek Moller; Gordon and Rosemary Neal; Joanna Kirsty Poole; Simon Rogers; Nicholas Steven Sziranyi - of Wellington. John Philip and Pauline Clare Fell; Edwin Francis and Cushla Danielle Viskovich - of Whangarei. All having contributed $7,500.00 capital.
Cornell Peter Brooks; Sydney Tasman and Rita Choy; Paresh Chhagan Ganda; Noel Laurance Hancock; Peter Morris Lawrence; Jonathon Lee; Neil Wallace and Noelene Anne Murdoch and Christopher Maxwell Walker as trustees; Martin James Wheatcroft Rees; Roger Michael Reynolds; David Graham Smith and Robert Paque Benton as trustees - of Auckland. Anglea Mary Kearney - of Christchurch. Michael Timothy John Watson - of Featherston. Gordon Hudson and Jan Russell - of New Plymouth. Rhys Morgan - of Germany. Diane Marie Dinnan - of Tauranga. Pramod Chandra Gaur - of United Arab Emirates. Edith Muriel Whittaker - of Waiuku. James William Wilson - of Wanganui. Garry Jemo Baranyai; David James and Janet Mary Copeland and George Hamish MacMorran as trustees; Bruce James Dutton; Wilhelmus Leonardus, Kathryn Elizabeth and Richard Dale Giesbers as trustees; Cheryl Margaret Jean Hampton; Gary John and Diane Sheryl Lawrence; John MacDonald Nimmo; Hendryk Jan and Bernadette Frances Poczwa - of Wellington. All having contributed $15,000.00 capital.
Yoko Sakamato - of Auckland. Having contributed $22,500.00 capital.
Christopher Kenneth, Lynne and Brian Robert Rosser as trustees - of Auckland. Johannes Hubertus and Algonda Bernarda Doeschate - of Hamilton. All having contributed $30,000.00 capital.
Stuart Cameron Lang - of Tauranga. Having contributed $45,000.00 capital.