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Land Notices
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Amending Notices Surrendering and Acquiring the Leasehold Interest in the Auckland Rail Corridors

Pursuant to section 55 of the Public Works Act 1981, and
to a delegation from the Minister for Land Information,
R. J. Sutherland, Land Information New Zealand, hereby amends the notices dated the 31st day of January 2003, surrendering and acquiring the leasehold interest in the Auckland rail corridors, published in the New Zealand Gazette, 13 February 2003, No. 13, pages 343 and 344, by inserting in the third paragraph of the recital between the words
"declares the leasehold interests created by"
"Memorandum of Variation of Lease"
the words
"Memorandum of Lease dated 20 December 1991 and varied by".
Dated at Auckland this 23rd day of July 2004.
R. J. SUTHERLAND, for the Minister for Land Information.
(LINZ CPC/2002/8073)