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General Section
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Annual Milksolids Levy

Pursuant to section 4 of the Commodity Levies Act 1990 and section 12 of the Commodity Levies (Milksolids) Order 2003, and following a resolution of the board of Dairy InSight Incorporated made pursuant to its rules, I hereby notify that the annual milksolids levy remains unchanged from the previous year at 3.4c/kg milksolids plus G.S.T.
This notice of the levy applies for the 2004/2005 dairy year from 1 June 2004 to 31 May 2005.
This notice will take effect on 1 June 2004.
Dated at Wellington this 5th day of May 2004.
PETER BODEKER, Chief Executive Officer, Dairy InSight Incorporated.