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Notice of Appointment of a Limited Statutory Manager for the Board of Trustees of Rotherham School (3490)

Pursuant to section 78M of the Education Act 1989, I direct the Secretary for Education to appoint a limited statutory manager for the Board of Trustees of Rotherham School (3490) because of risks to the operation of the school and the educational performance of the students.
The following functions, powers and duties of the board are vested in the limited statutory manager:
? Employment powers of the board.
The limited statutory manager must also advise the board on the following:
? Any issues arising from the above;
? all matters pertinent to their resolution; and
? board/principal relations.
The following conditions apply to the exercising of the powers of the board and the limited statutory manager:
? The powers of the limited statutory manager shall be exercised in consultation with the board.
This notice takes effect the day after the date of publication of this notice.
Dated at Wellington this 11th day of February 2004.
TREVOR MALLARD, Minister of Education.