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Missing Shareholders

The following shareholders are entitled to shares in
New Zealand Oil & Gas Limited, and Pan Pacific Petroleum NL, arising from the acquisition of Oil Fields NL by New Zealand Oil & Gas Limited in 1988.
These shares are currently held in trust, and will be transferred to the Crown pursuant to section 77 of the Trustee Act 1956 if they remain unclaimed.
The following persons are invited to claim their
share entitlement by contacting the Company Secretary, New Zealand Oil & Gas Limited, P.O. Box 3198, Auckland:
Name Last Known Address
Anthony John Algar Wanaka
Brent Bailey, Rick Hughesand Alfred Sali
George Richard Baker
Wilfred Barber
Walter Patrick Boreham andL. M. Badger
Christine Margaret Bray
James Henry Broome Waikanae
Fredrick William Broughton
Rosaline H. D. Bruin
Florence Wallace Burgoyne
Karl Francis Campbell
Julienne Marjory Chan Auckland
John Connor
Marian June Cooney
Elsie Vera Darwin andDerek Darwin
Michael David Dobson
Graham Wallace Dorwood
Gary Michael Dowd
Paul William Emsley
Andrew McDougall Ferrier Greenlane, Auckland
Robert Ian Foreman
Clive John Fremlin andVictor Kawana Timu Papakura
Adrian Eugen Frick
Ian Bryce Gallie
Jill Kathleen Geange
Dougals Gee
Lucy Rose Gratton
Nancy Denger Griffiths
Arthur James Grimes
Mark Bernard Guy
Faye Annette Hamilton
Raynel Ridley Hart
Miriam Olive Herman
Isabel Mary Hindman
George Henry Hitchings
Bruce Edward Jacobson
J F Robson Limited Whangarei
Mark Peter Jobsis
Dudley Johnson
Thomas James Kirkwood
William Hutton Krogh
Simon Langlands
Collen Kaye Lealand Auckland
James Stuart Leighton
Jill Leyton
Kieran Christopher McLean
William Bruce MacMillan
William Millward
Jeffrey William John Morrison
Raymond A. Mynott
Edward Garry O'Neill
Rosalind Anne Pulley
Alison J. Pycroft
John Stuart Reynolds
Wayne Owen Rickman
Michael Ryan
Anthony Charles Sales
Deborah Anne Shears
Roger Millett Ross Smith
Landel D. Stewart Devonport, Auckland
John Barrowen Stewart
E. A. C. Tingey andB. A. Boughen
Joseph Vallance
Adrienne Lillain Van Haandel
Kathryn Webber
Yvonne Welch
John Desmond Whiteley
David Nigel Wright Island Bay, Wellington
Wai Sang Wu
B. W. ROULSTON, Company Secretary.