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Applications Advertised for Objection
Closing Date for Objections 3rd February 2004

1 Notice is hereby given that the following applications have been made in respect of the goods advertised in the Schedule to this notice. Any person wishing to lodge an objection should do so in writing, to the Ministry of Economic Development, PO Box 1473, Wellington, Fax 0-4-474-2843 indicated by the reference number, before 3rd February 2004. All submissions should include:
- the Tariff Industry Assistance (Advertisement) Notice number; the Tariff item; and
- Reference number.
2 All submissions from local manufacturers should include:
- the range of alternative goods made locally;
- the grounds on which objection is made (including reasons why the local product is a suitable alternative);
- present and potential output;
- details of factory cost in terms of materials, labour, overheads, including the proportion of domestic and imported content.
3 Where further information is required in order to make a submission an objector should contact the applicant in writing and refer a copy of the enquiry to the Ministry of Economic Development quoting the details in paragraph 1 above.

Part Appn. *Category
Tariff Name and Address II Ref. of
Item Description of Goods of Applicant Ref. No. Appn.

2106.90.99 Dietary supplements, multi-vitamin, in either sucrose based jelly bean R A Plews 99 999911G A
form, or gelatin/apple pectin based bear-shaped form PO Box 38272

3506.91.00 Solvent free polyurethane pre polymer hot melt adhesive Bostik 99 999912E A
C/- Owens Global Freight
PO Box 4144

3917.40.00 Tube and pipe fittings 175mm and over nominal bore Marley NZ Ltd 99 999928A A
C/- M S International Ltd
PO Box 59150
Mangere Bridge

3923.90.18) Plastic cosmetic compacts 99 640511J V

3923.90.18) Cosmetic compacts with or without mirrors and/or magnets; godets (pans) Living Nature 99 999929K V
4823.90.19) thereof C/- Custom Clearances Ltd
7326.90.09) PO Box 521
7616.99.90) KERIKERI

3926.90.69 Container liner prefabricated open-ended liner manufactured from clear Agpac Plastics Ltd 99 999930C A
film not less than 6m in width blown at a gauge of 250 micron PO Box 4575

51.07 100% merino wool yarn, 17 to 22.5 microns - 20,000kgs Import Management 99 999922B IM
PO Box 1167

60.01) Fabrics, viz: Import Management Ltd 99 999923L IM
60.02) 1. Ref: Amhot 100% wool - 500 metres PO Box 1167
60.03) 2. Ref: TK7804 90% tactel, 6% spandex, 2% nylon, 2% polyester - AUCKLAND
60.04) 500 metres
60.05) 3. Ref: WG989 76% acrylic, 17% mohair, 7% polyestrer - 2000 metres
60.06) 4. Ref: WH200 79% acrylic, 21% polyester - 2300 metres
5. Ref: TW03640 83% acrylic, 17% polyester - 2000 metres
6. Ref: NZ2787 92% polyester, 8% spandex - 2500 metres
7. Ref: Jennifer 96% viscose, 4% elastane - 750 metres
8. Ref: Starlette 93% viscose, 7% elasthane - 1200 metres
9. Ref: Pups 29 95% acetate, 5% elastane - 400 metres
10. Ref: 4-1095 82% polyester, 18% cotton - 700 metres
11. Ref: 8879 95% polyester, 5% spandex - 1000 metres
12. Ref: 8539 95% polyester, 5% spandex - 500 metres

6002.90.22 96% polyester, 4% spandex bedford knit - 15,000 lineal metres MacJay Clothing 99 999924J IM
C/- Aironaut Customs Brokers
PO Box 37712

6004.10.17 Cotton spandex circular knitted fabric - 15,000 metres Designer Textiles 99 999926E IM
C/- PO Box 53004

6004.10.17 92% acetate, 8% elastane knitted fabric, imported on import entry Verge Sportwear 99 999925G IM
44273286, total 831 metres C/- Hellmann Worldwide Logistics
PO Box 59220
Mangere Bridge

6307.90.28 Aluminium woven prefabricated liners for climate control in transit of Agpac Plastics Ltd 99 999927C A
goods PO Box 4575

Tariff Industry Assistance (Advertisement) Notice No. 2004/01 - continued

Part Appn. *Category
Tariff Name and Address II Ref. of
Item Description of Goods of Applicant Ref. No. Appn.

6307.90.28 Bio-filtration mats of a type used in water treatment applications TCL Marketing Ltd 99 999919B A
C/- PO Box 9063

7320.90.29) Springs, pocket unit, sizes: 99 999224D V
King 750mm (W) x 1920mm (L) x 125mm (D)
780mm (W) x 1920mm (L) x 125mm (D)
Queen 690mm (W) x 1920mm (L) x 125mm (D)
715mm (W) x 1920mm (L) x 125mm (D)
and wire type, suited for the use in the manufacture of mattresses

Springs, pocket unit, sizes (with variance +/- 10%) Design Mobel 99 999918D V
King 750mm (W) x 1920mm (L) x 125mm (D) C/- PO Box 73021
780mm (W) x 1920mm (L) x 125mm (D) AUCKLAND AIRPORT
+ 750mm (W) x 1920mm (L) x 130mm (D)
Queen 690mm (W) x 1920mm (L) x 125mm (D)
715mm (W) x 1920mm (L) x 125mm (D)
+ 690mm (W) x 1920mm (L) x 130mm (D)
and wire type, suited for the use in the manufacture of mattresses

7604.29.09 Aluminium extruded profiles with diagonal dimensions between 220 Patrick International Freight 99 999917F A
and 230mm, being cowl and fascia sections of a type used in the PO Box 97851
manufacture of automatic door operators SOUTH AUCKLAND MAIL CENTRE

8428.10.00 Personal water craft lifts Coastline Solutions Ltd 99 999931A A
C/- Independent Customs & Freight Brokers Ltd
PO Box 5155

8716.20.00 Ledwell aluminium auger tri axle semi trailer Truck & Bus Wholesale 99 999933H A
369 Withells Road

8903.92 Two only Nautique water ski boats conforming to approved International Leask Motors 99 999932K SS
Federation tow boat criteria, of a type for use at world ranking water ski C/- APC Logistics (NZ) Ltd
tournaments - imported on import entry 63766427 PO Box 73054

8903.92 Three only Nautique water ski boats, conforming to approved International Leask Motors 99 999915K SS
Federation tow boat criteria, of a type for use at world ranking water ski C/- APC Logistics (NZ) Ltd
Tournaments imported on import entry 96661096 PO Box 73054

9506.29.00 Inflatable body boards incorporating handles and removable bladder, with Pro-Dive NZ Ltd 99 999916H A
or without accessories C/- K A Hobbs Customs Agents Ltd
PO Box 53027

* Category of Application: A - General Approval
CE - Capital Equipment
IM - Inputs to Manufacturing - Inability to Supply
MS - Manufacturers' Samples
RUC - Revocation of Unused Concession
S - Shortfall
SS - Special Situation
V - Variation of Existing Concession
W - Withdrawal of Concession
+ - Denotes amendment or addition

Dated at Wellington this 8th day of January 2004. V.A. MANKS, Ministry of Economic Development.