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Land Transport Rule: Light-vehicle Brakes 2002

Rule 32014
Pursuant to Clause 4.6 (2) of the Land Transport Rule: Light-vehicle Brakes 2002 ("the Rule") and powers delegated to me by the Director of Land Transport Safety ("the director"), I, John Andrew Justice, Principle Vehicle Engineer, hereby specify the method provided in the Schedule to this notice to be a method by which it can be determined that replacement brake friction material complies with the Rule.
The method prescribed in section 2 of Annex 8 of the UN/ECE Regulation No. 90 (Uniform Provisions Concerning the Approval of Replacement Brake Lining Assemblies and Drum Brake Linings for Power-Driven Vehicles and Their Trailers) (E/ECE/324-E/ECE/TRANS/505/Rev.1/Add.89).
To comply with the Rule, replacement brake friction material must perform to within plus or minus 15 percent
of the corresponding original equipment brake friction material, with performance of original equipment and replacement brake friction materials to be determined by
a test facility selected by the director.
Dated at Wellington this 18th day of December 2003.
JOHN ANDREW JUSTICE, Principal Vehicle Engineer.