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Submission of Radiocommunication Co-location Draft Code

On 5 October 2004, the Telecommunications Carriers' Forum ("the TCF") submitted to the Commerce Commission its draft code for co-location of radiocommunications services regulated under the Telecommunications Act 2001 ("the draft code").
The draft code relates to the regulated services of co-location on cellular mobile transmission sites, and co-location of equipment for fixed telecommunications services at sites used by Broadcast Communications Limited.
The TCF has submitted the draft code for approval by
the Commission under clause 1 of Schedule 2 of the Telecommunications Act 2001 ("the Act").
Pursuant to clause 7 of Schedule 2 of the Act, the Commission gives public notice of both the draft code
and its decision to carry out a consultation process on the code.
The Commission requests that submissions on the draft code be made to:
no later than 12 November 2004.
A copy of the draft code can be found on the Commission's website at:
Date of Notice: 14 October 2004.