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Authorities/Other Agencies of State
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Driving Hours Logbook Exemption-

Stagecoach Auckland
Pursuant to section 70C (10) and (10A) of the Transport Act 1962, the Director of Land Transport Safety hereby gives the following notice.
Drivers employed by Transportation Auckland Corporation Limited (trading as Stagecoach Auckland) are hereby granted exemption from the requirement to maintain a driving hours logbook while undertaking off-peak charter work, subject to the conditions listed below.
This exemption does not alter the requirement to observe
the driving hours restrictions, as stated in section 70B of the Transport Act 1962.
General Conditions
1. This notice applies only to drivers granted logbook exemptions while working rosters approved by the director under section 70C (11) (c) of the Transport Act 1962.
2. The exemption applies only to the driving of buses operated by Stagecoach Auckland.
3. The off-peak charter work is driving a bus to and from a specified point for a specified group as part of an event or activity (such as a school sports day).
The charter driving must:
(a) occur between 0800 and 1800 hours (Monday to Friday only); and
(b) be within a 50km radius of the depot where that bus is normally garaged.
4. Drivers to whom this exemption applies must, when driving a bus, carry:
(a) a copy of the exemption for regular rostered work;
(b) a copy of this exemption notice;
(c) a copy of the driver's duty card for that day; and
(d) a written description of any charter work set for the driver on that day.
5. Any or all records listed in clause 4 shall be made available for inspection when demanded by any enforcement officer or an authorised employee of
the Land Transport Safety Authority.
Right of Withdrawal
The director has the right to withdraw any exemption from logbook use if there are grounds to suspect that conditions attached to that exemption are not being observed (section 70C (10) and (10A) of the Transport Act 1962).
Signed at Wellington this 4th day of June 2004.
DAVID ROBERT WRIGHT, Director of Land Transport Safety.