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Pedestrian Crossing Zig Zag Marking Trial

Pursuant to section 78 of the Transport Act 1962, and pursuant to a sub-delegation to me by the Director of Land Transport Safety, I, Peter Graeme Croft, Manager Safer Roads, hereby authorise the installation and maintenance
of experimental markings:
(i) at the locations described in Schedule 1;
(ii) subject to the form set out in Schedule 2; and
(iii) for the period specified in Schedule 3.
These experimental markings shall be used for the purpose of evaluating their use as an alternative to the diamond markings described in Regulation 93 (3) of the Traffic Regulations 1976, and the experiment shall be called the Pedestrian Crossing Zig Zag Marking Trial.
Schedule 1
Location of Trial
The markings are to be installed on each approach at least 50 metres from the pedestrian crossings in Auckland City located at:
1. White Swan Road 30 metres south-westerly generally from Marshall Laing Avenue.
2. Richmond Road six metres north-westerly generally from Francis Street.
Schedule 2
Form of Markings
The markings must comprise a continuous white line:
(a) 150mm wide;
(b) seven alternating left and right bars each approximately 3.7 metres long;
(c) contained within a zone defined by sides substantially parallel and no more than 1.2 metres wide; and
(d) located generally in the centre of the path taken by motor vehicles approaching the pedestrian crossing.
Schedule 3
Duration of the Trial
The period of the pedestrian crossing zig zag marking trial shall start after 24 May 2004 and shall end on 24 December 2005, unless otherwise notified in the New Zealand Gazette.
Dated at Wellington on this 24th day of May 2004.
PETER GRAEME CROFT, Manager Safer Roads.