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UHF Radiomicrophone-Form 7 Spectrum Licence

Pursuant to section 48 of the Radiocommunications Act 1989, I, Jacqueline Beth McMillan, administration officer, Radio Spectrum Management Group, Ministry of Economic Development, acting on behalf of the chief executive of the Ministry of Economic Development, being the manager for the range of frequencies specified in record of management rights number 0002, give notice that I intend to grant to every person the right to transmit radio waves on the frequencies specified in Clause 3 of the Schedule (Type B licence).
I certify:
1. That by deed dated 4 February 2003, Geoffrey Mark Dangerfield, chief executive of the Ministry of Economic Development, appointed me his attorney on the terms and conditions set out in that deed.
2. That I have executed this instrument as attorney of
the chief executive of the Ministry of Economic Development.
3. That, at the date of this instrument, I have not received any notice or information of the revocation of the appointment by the death of Geoffrey Mark Dangerfield or otherwise.
For the purposes of section 55A of the Radiocommunications Act 1989, this licence is specified as a General User Spectrum Licence.
The terms and conditions of the licence are set out in the Schedule.
1. The commencement date of this licence is 30 May 2003.
2. The expiry date of this licence is 11 March 2010.
3. The frequencies that apply to this licence are as follows:
(a) The characteristic frequency is 726 MHz.
(b) The frequency band is 646 MHz to 806 MHz.
4. Unwanted emission limits applying to emissions from the transmitter (expressed as the maximum e.i.r.p.
(in dBW) of those emissions):
(a) Limits applying to frequencies below the lower boundary frequency: -50dBW.
(b) Limits applying to frequencies above the upper boundary frequency: -50dBW.
5. The maximum power, designation of emissions and horizontal radiation pattern permitted under this licence are as follows:
(a) Maximum power of emissions: -20dBW.
(b) Designation of emissions: 300KF3EGN.
(c) Horizontal radiation pattern of antenna (maximum e.i.r.p. (in dBW) per sector in degrees relative to true north):
0 degrees up to 360 degrees: -20dBW.
6. The location of the transmitter, the antenna polarisation and antenna height are as follows:
(a) The area within which the transmitter or transmitters may transmit under this licence is all New Zealand.
(b) The antenna polarisation is: Non-specific.
(c) The antenna height: Non-specific.
7. There are no protected locations or areas under this licence.
8. The authorities that apply to this licence are as follows:
(a) This licence is not transferable.
(b) This licence may be cancelled by the manager acting alone.
(c) This licence may be modified by the manager acting alone.
9. Conditions applying the exercise of the rightholder's rights under this licence are:
(a) Transmissions pursuant to this licence are limited to the purpose known as radio microphones or wireless microphones. Broadcast transmissions, as defined in the Broadcasting Act 1989, are not permitted.
(b) Transmitters must conform to technical standards
for Short Range Devices as prescribed in a
notice made under Regulation 32 (1) (b) of the Radiocommunications Regulations 2001.
(c) Frequency use is on a shared basis and the manager does not accept liability under any circumstances
or any loss or damage of any kind occasioned by
the unavailability of frequencies or interference to reception.
(d) Should interference occur to services licensed pursuant to a spectrum licence or a radio licence, the manager reserves the right to require that any transmission pursuant to this licence changes frequency, reduces power or ceases operation.
Dated at Wellington this 19th day of May 2003.
Signed by: