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Applications Advertised for Objection
Closing Date for Objections 3rd June 2003

1 Notice is hereby given that the following applications have been made in respect of the goods advertised in the Schedule to this notice. Any person wishing to lodge an objection should do so in writing, to the Ministry of Economic Development, PO Box 1473, Wellington, Fax 0-4-474-2843 indicated by the reference number, before 3rd June 2003. All submissions should include:
- the Tariff Industry Assistance (Advertisement) Notice number;
- the Tariff item; and
- Reference number.
2 All submissions from local manufacturers should include:
- the range of alternative goods made locally;
- the grounds on which objection is made (including reasons why the local product is a suitable alternative);
- present and potential output;
- details of factory cost in terms of materials, labour, overheads, including the proportion of domestic and imported content.
3 Where further information is required in order to make a submission an objector should contact the applicant in writing and refer a copy of the enquiry to the Ministry of Economic Development quoting the details in paragraph 1 above.

Part Appn. *Category
Tariff Name and Address II Ref. of
Item Description of Goods of Applicant Ref. No. Appn.

3402.11.00 Hostastat H S 1 Chemcolour Industries Ltd 99 999579L A
C/- Aquaair Freight Services
PO Box 53062

3907.30.09 Epoxy resin, viz: Epikote 862 Chemiplas NZ Ltd 99 999578B A
C/- Burnard International
PO Box 53062

3909.50.09 Desmodur E3370 (aliphatic polyisocyanate prepolymer based on Bayer New Zealand Ltd 99 999590A A
hexamethylene diisocyanate) C/- Fast Track Customs Ltd
PO Box 38405

3920.10.09 Pre-taped high-density polyethylene drop cloth in rolls 3M New Zealand Ltd 99 999588K A
C/- Daniel Silva Ltd
PO Box 305

3926.90.69 Paint trays Mondiale Freight Services Ltd 99 999595B A
PO Box 53004

4804.19.00 Kraft liner white top Carter Holt Harvey - Kinleith 99 999574K S
4805.11.11 Semi chemical fluting paper Private Bag 6
4805.25.11 Test liner, white top, in rolls TOKOROA

51.07 100% merino wool yarn 2/28 and 2/30 - 12,000kg Import Management Ltd 99 999597J IM
PO Box 1167

60.01) Fabrics, viz: Import Management Ltd 99 999598G IM
60.02) 1. Ref: SJ-14365 75% polyester, 20% rayon, 5% spandex - 5500 metres PO Box 1167
60.03) 2. Ref: VSL 90% acetate, 10% spandex - 1000 metres AUCKLAND
60.04) 3. Ref: Ordino 217902 95% viscose, 5% elastane - 100 metres
60.05) 4. Ref: 460 d038 94% viscose, 6% elastane - 1000 metres
60.06) 5. Ref ww-25196 92% polyester, 8% spandex - 1000 metres
6. Ref: 460 d1618 94% viscose, 6% elastane - 1000 metres

6005.22.19 Knitted fabrics, viz: Keith Matheson Ltd 99 999576F IM
Ref Eclissi 77% cotton, 13% polyamide, 10% viscose - 130m2 PO Box 2840
Ref: X389 100% cotton - 160m2 AUCKLAND
Ref: X238 100% cotton - 150m2
Ref: Gerbera 50% cotton, 47% viscose, 3% elastane - 300m2

6201.93.01) Nylon dry tops and dry pants with latex rubber seals on neck or arms, Andreas Uhl 99 999586C A
6203.43.01) and ankles (for watersports) 132 Okere Road
RD 4
Okere Falls

64.02) Footwear, suited for rebound exercise, specially constructed to reduce Charles Crawshaw 99 999584G A
64.05) impact, incorporating outer boot, inner liner, spring arcs and T spring Tigerbunnies
tension bands PO Box 66155
Beach Haven

7217.10.00 Bright roping wire .75mm - 2.00mm diameter, tensile strength 2160 to Bridon New Zealand Ltd 99 999582L A
2450n/mm2 C/- PO Box 3986

Medium carbon, coated, steel spring wire (minimum of .45% and less than . 99 800187B V
60% carbon) to BS5216 HS quality

Tariff Industry Assistance (Advertisement) Notice No. 2003/17 - continued

Part Appn. *Category
Tariff Name and Address II Ref. of
Item Description of Goods of Applicant Ref. No. Appn.

7217.20.90) Medium carbon coated steel spring wire minimum of.45% carbon to CMI Springs Ltd 99 999599E V
BS5216 HS quality C/- Customs Agents (Auckland) Ltd
PO Box 2367

Section XVI Machinery and equipment for use in upgrade of poultry feedmill hatchery Inghams Enterprises Pty Ltd 99 999587A CE
and processing plant, viz: C/- Daniel Silva Ltd
Horizontal paddle mixers PO Box 305
Pellet mills with 2 stage steam conditioners AUCKLAND
Pellet counterflow coolers with fans
Pellet crumblers
Pellet sizers (sieves)
Rotary air seals and valves
Drag conveyors
Screw feeders
Bucket elevators
Electro pneumatic diverter valves
Electro pneumatic slide gates
Rotary turnhead type distributors
Drum type magnet separators
Drum sieves
Rotary brush type sifters
Micro dosing type screw feeders
Dust filters
Grain grinders
Premix blower unit
Electric motors
Diaphragm switches
Bin monitors (level indicators)

8428.39.00 Equipment for the construction of coal handling plant at the Port of Lyttelton Port Company Ltd 99 999585E CE
Lyttelton, viz: Feeder specially designed to automatically unload C/- International Delivery Service Ltd
coal trains PO Box 107055
Airport Oaks

8479.89.00 Degassing machines NZ Aluminium Smelters Ltd 99 999581B A
C/- PO Box 1377

85.02 Generating sets Appleby Engineering Ltd 99 999580D A
C/- Jas Jenners Worldwide
PO Box 73073
Airport Oaks

8903.91.00 Splash class racing yachts, and catalogued parts, regardless of Tariff Splash Performance Sailing Ltd 99 999577D A
classification, excluding parts of general use C/- Whangarei Customs Brokers
PO Box 888

9603.10.00 Brooms of corn, millet or rattan and mixtures thereof Browns Brushware Ltd 99 999591K A
C/- PO box 3986

Paintbrushes, other than those containing hog bristle or a combination of 99 999485J V
hog and synthetic bristle

Paintbrushes, including paintbrush heads, other than those containing hog Mondiale Freight Services Ltd 99 999592H V
bristle or a combination of hog and synthetic bristle PO Box 53004

9603.40.00 Paint rollers, comprising the roller handle and roller sleeve imported as Mondiale Freight Services Limited 99 999593F A
one complete unit or as individual items PO Box 53004

9603.40.00 Paint roller kits consisting of a paint roller and paint tray Mondiale Freight Services Ltd 99 999594D A
PO Box 53004

Polyester coil continuous chain zipping 99 998562L V

Tariff Industry Assistance (Advertisement) Notice No. 2003/17 - continued

Part Appn. *Category
Tariff Name and Address II Ref. of
Item Description of Goods of Applicant Ref. No. Appn.

Coil continuous chain zipping Customs Agents Wellington Ltd 99 999589H V
PO Box 1024

* Category of Application: A - General Approval
CE - Capital Equipment
IM - Inputs to Manufacturing - Inability to Supply
MS - Manufacturers' Samples
RUC - Revocation of Unused Concession
S - Shortfall
SS - Special Situation
V - Variation of Existing Concession
W - Withdrawal of Concession
+ - Denotes amendment or addition

Dated at Wellington this 8th day of May 2003. V.A. MANKS, Ministry of Economic Development.