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Investigations Into Unbundling Elements of Telecom's Local Loop Network and Unbundling Elements of and Interconnection With Telecom's Fixed Public Data Network

Pursuant to clause 1 (3) of Schedule 3 of the Telecommunications Act 2001 ("the Act"), the Commerce Commission gives public notice that it is commencing the investigations required by section 64 of the Act.
Section 64 of the Act requires the Commerce Commission to deliver a report to the Minister of Communications into whether or not each of the following services should become a designated or a specified service under the Act:
? Access to the unbundled elements of Telecom's local loop network; and
? access to the unbundled elements of, and interconnection with, Telecom's fixed Public Data Network.
The Commission is commencing the investigations on
10 April 2003 with the publication of an Issues Paper.
A copy of the Issues Paper, which begins the process of consultation with interested parties, can be downloaded from the Commission's web site at
under "Telecommunications Regulation".
Inquiries regarding this review can be directed to Alex Cheetham, Chief Adviser, Network Access Group, on (04) 924 3686.
Requests for hard copies of the Issues Paper can be directed to Treena Daly on (04) 924 3685.
The Commission requests submissions on the Issues Paper by 14 May 2003.
Under the Act, the Commission must make reasonable efforts to deliver a final report to the Minister of Communications within 120 working days of this New Zealand Gazette notice and not later than 20 December 2003.
Date of Decision: 10 April 2003.