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Authorities/Other Agencies of State
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Designation of Airspace

Civil Aviation Rule Parts 71 and 73
Pursuant to Civil Aviation Rule Part 73.7 (b) (i), the following amendments are designated with effect from
20 February 2003-
The following danger area is disestablished:
NZD324 (Almadale).
The following danger area is established:
NZD320 (Colyton).
Pursuant to Civil Aviation Rule Parts 71.7 (b) (i) and
Part 73.7 (b) (i), the following amendments are designated with effect from 20 March 2003-
The following military operational areas are disestablished:
NZM101 (Kaipara Harbour), NZM102 (Bay of Islands), NZM105 (Whenuapai), NZM109 (Hauraki Gulf), NZM201 (Bay of Plenty) including the 15 sectors NZM201A to NZM201Q, NZM202 (Volkner Island).
The following new military operational areas are established:
NZM106 (Kaipara), NZM107 (Whenuapai), NZM203 (Bay of Plenty), NZM204 (Cuvier Island).
The following danger areas are disestablished:
NZD122 (Tiritiri Matangi), NZD128 (Whangaparaoa), NZD225 (Drury), NZD421 (Pukahunui).
The following danger areas are established:
NZD125 (Tiritiri Matangi), NZD126 (Whangaparaoa), NZD238 (Orere Point), NZD239 (Tuakau), NZD235 (Drury).
The following approach conditional areas are disestablished:
NZC111 (Kaitaia), NZC112 (Kerikeri), NZC113 (Kerikeri), NZC213 (Whakatane), NZC414 (Wairoa), NZC611 (Paraparaumu), NZC612 (Paraparaumu), NZC710 (Westport), NZC711 (Westport), NZC713 (Hokitika), NZC714 (Hokitika), NZC910 (Timaru).
The following mandatory broadcast zones are disestablished:
NZC114 (Whangarei), NZC118 (Auckland City), NZC410 (Tarawera), NZC718 (Ryans Creek).
The following new mandatory broadcast zones are established:
NZC110 (Auckland City), NZC115 (Kaitaia), NZC116 (Kerikeri), NZC117 (Whangarei), NZC119 (Great Barrier), NZC216 (Whakatane), NZC411 (Tarawera), NZC415 (Wairoa), NZC715 (Westport), NZC716 (Hokitika), NZC812 (West Melton), NZC911 (Temuka).
The following parachute drop zone is disestablished:
NZP632 (Martinborough).
The following controlled airspace is disestablished:
NZA155 (Auckland CTA/E), NZA145 (Auckland TMA/C), NZA146 (Auckland TMA/C), NZA147 (Auckland TMA/C), NZA148 (Auckland TMA/C), NZA149 (Auckland CTR/C), NZA241 (Auckland TMA/C), NZA243 (Hamilton TMA/D), NZA245 (Hamilton TMA/D), NZA246 (Hamilton TMA/D), NZA244 (Hamilton TMA/D), NZA247 (Tauranga CTR/D), NZA251 (Rotorua TMA/D), NZA254 (Rotorua TMA/D), NZA256 (Rotorua TMA/D), NZA440 (Rotorua CTR/D), NZA441 (Rotorua TMA/D), NZA442 (Rotorua TMA/D), NZA253 (Auckland CTA/E), NZA257 (Auckland UTA/C), NZA259 (Auckland UTA/C), NZA357 (Ohakea UTA/C), NZA454 (Auckland CTA/E), NZA754 (Christchurch UTA/C), NZA854 (Christchurch UTA/C), NZA651 (Wellington TMA/C), NZA642 (Wellington TMA/C), NZA646 (Wellington TMA/C), NZA647 (Wellington TMA/C), NZA649 (Woodbourne CTR/D), NZA656 (Nelson TMA/D), NZA658 (Nelson TMA/D), NZA659 (Christchurch CTA/D), NZA741 (Queenstown TMA/D), NZA742 (Queenstown TMA/D), NZA743 (Queenstown TMA/D), NZA744 (Queenstown TMA/D), NZA745 (Queenstown TMA/D), NZA746 (Queenstown TMA/D), NZA751 (Queenstown TMA/D), NZA945 (Queenstown TMA/D), NZA955 (Christchurch UTA/C).
The following new controlled airspace is established:
NZA156 (Auckland CTA/C), NZA150 (Auckland CTR/C), NZA151 (Auckland CTA/C), NZA152 (Auckland CTA/C), NZA153 (Auckland CTA/C), NZA154 (Auckland CTA/C), NZA248 (Hamilton CTA/D), NZA249 (Hamilton CTA/D), NZA250 (Hamilton CTA/D), NZA252 (Hamilton CTA/D), NZA240 (Rotorua CTA/D), NZA247 (Tauranga CTR/D), NZA251 (Rotorua CTA/D), NZA446 (Rotorua CTR/D), NZA447 (Rotorua CTA/D), NZA448 (Rotorua CTA/D), NZA157 (Auckland CTA/C), NZA159 (Auckland CTA/C), NZA255 (Auckland CTA/D), NZA356 (Ohakea CTA/C), NZA455 (Auckland CTA/D), NZA753 (Christchurch CTA/C), NZA855 (Christchurch CTA/C), NZA639 (Wellington CTA/C), NZA642 (Wellington CTA/C), NZA646 (Wellington CTA/C), NZA647 (Wellington CTA/C), NZA649 (Woodbourne CTR/D), NZA650 (Woodbourne CTA/D), NZA651 (Woodbourne CTA/D), NZA656 (Nelson CTA/D), NZA658 (Nelson CTA/D), NZA659 (Christchurch CTA/D), NZA741 (Queenstown CTA/D), NZA742 (Queenstown CTA/D), NZA743 (Queenstown CTA/D), NZA744 (Queenstown CTA/D), NZA745 (Queenstown CTA/D), NZA746 (Queenstown CTA/D), NZA751 (Queenstown CTA/D), NZA945 (Queenstown CTA/D), NZA755 (Christchurch CTA/C), NZA756 (Queenstown CTA/D), NZA757 (Queenstown CTA/D), NZA758 (Christchurch CTA/C), NZA956 (Christchurch CTA/C).
All current controlled airspace in the Auckland Oceanic and New Zealand flight information regions prescribed as "TMA" (terminal control areas) and "UTA" (upper control areas) are amended to "CTA" (control areas) - the generic term for this form of controlled airspace.
The following control zones (CTR/D) are amended to transponder mandatory airspace:
Hamilton (NZA242), Tauranga (NZA247), Palmerston North (NZA346), Rotorua (NZA446), Woodbourne (NZA649).
The following VFR transit lane is disestablished:
NZV676 (Cloudy Bay).
The following VFR transit lanes are established:
NZV670 (Waihopai), NZV672 (Ponds).
The following general aviation areas are disestablished:
NZG170 (North Shore), NZG171 (Parakai), NZG272 (Te Hoe), NZG273 (Huntly), NZG274 (Morrinsville), NZG277 (Paeroa), NZG975 (Omarama).
The following general aviation areas are established:
NZG175 (Parakai), NZG176 (North Shore), NZG270 (Whatawhata), NZG271 (Mt Maunganui), NZG277 (Lake Waikare), NZG278 (Hangawera), NZG279 (Cambridge), NZG477 (Paeroa), NZG671 (Maxwell), NZG972 (Omarama), NZG973 (Ida).
The following aerodrome traffic zones are disestablished:
NZZ172 (North Shore), NZZ376 (Feilding) and NZZ377 (Fox Pine), NZZ875 (West Melton), NZZ878 (Claxby).
The following visual reporting points are disestablished:
Baker Saddle, Ball Pass, Balloon Pass, Barron Saddle, Bruntwood, Burkes Pass, Cardrona Saddle, Clark Saddle, Climbers Col, Copland Pass, Crown Saddle, Divide, Graham Saddle, Halcombe Col, Harper
Saddle, Harris Saddle, Kaipaki, Karikari, Katies Col, MacKinnon Pass, Makara Cemetery, Mt Maunganui, Omaka, Park Pass, Pioneer Pass, Rankin Pass, Skippers Saddle, Sladden Saddle, Stadium, Papamoa Beach, Sumner Holding Point, Tasman Saddle, Wairau Creek, Waiotapu, West Hoe Pass.
The Manfeild visual reporting point has a correction to Manfield.
The following new visual reporting points are established:
Beach Motor Camp, Bench Island, Big Glory Bay, Burke Pass, Doughboy Bay, Easy Harbour, Edwards Island, Freshwater River, Hautapu, Horseshoe Bay, Karewa Island, Lee Bay, Little Hellfire Beach, Mason Bay, Mt Anglem, Mt Tauhara, Murray Beach, Ohaupo, Pohowaitai Island, Port Pegasus, Railway Station, Ridgemont Bluff, Rugged Islands, Smoky Beach,
South Cape, South West Cape, Sports Ground,
Te Awamutu, The Diversion, The Knobbies, Wairau Bar, West Ruggedy Beach, Wharepuaitaha Island.
Prescribed pursuant to Parts 71 and 73 of the Civil Aviation Rules, under a delegated authority issued by the Director of Civil Aviation.
Copies of these amendments are available for viewing
at (NZ Air Navigation Register), and at Aviation House, 1 Market Grove, Lower Hutt, or
on application to the Aeronautical Service Unit, CAA,
P.O. Box 31-441, Lower Hutt 6315.
Dated this 19th day of December 2002.