Notice Type
Appointment/Release of Receivers & Managers
Notice Title

Ballyhoo Else Limited

Notice of Appointment of Receiver and Manager
Pursuant to Section 8 (1) (b) of the Receiverships Act 1993
John Arthur Bullot, of Auckland, whose office is at
34 Galaxy Drive, Mairangi Bay, Auckland, hereby gives notice that on the 10th day of December 2002, he was appointed receiver and manager of all the undertaking, assets and property of Ballyhoo Else Limited at Auckland, under the powers contained in a debenture in favour Gregory Thomas Walker and Peter Edward Eliot-Cotton dated the 15th day of August 1996, which was registered on the 22nd day of July 2002.
This appointment is in place of Derek Farrelly who has vacated office as receiver.
Dated this 10th day of December 2002.
JOHN ARTHUR BULLOT, Receiver and Manager.