Notice Type
Notice Title

St Kilda Tavern Limited

Notice of Intention to Extend Time for Registration
of Charge
Company No.: DN. 203799
I hereby give notice that I intend to extend the time for registration of the following charge created by St Kilda Tavern Limited in accordance with section 108 of the Companies Act 1955:
Charge: Debenture.
Chargeholder: New Zealand Breweries Limited.
Date of Creation of Charge: 9 October 2001.
Applicant: Russell McVeagh, P.O. Box 8, Auckland.
I am satisfied that failure to register this charge within the prescribed time was accidental or due to inadvertence.
Unless, under section 108 (1) (c), written notice of an objection to this action is delivered to the address below no later than the 14th day of February 2002, being not less than 20 working days from the date of this notice, the time for registration will be extended until the 22nd day of February 2002.
Dated this 14th day of January 2002.
Postal Address for Written Objections: The Registrar of Companies, Private Bag 92-061, Auckland Mail Centre (Attention: Mark Flood).
Facsimile No. for Written Objections: (09) 916 4559.
NEVILLE HARRIS, Registrar of Companies.