Notice Type
Land Transfers/Joint Family Homes
Notice Title

Land Transfer Act Notice

I hereby give notice of my intention to issue new or provisional instruments of title in place of those declared lost and described in the Schedule below upon the expiration of 14 days from the date of the publication in the New Zealand Gazette.
(Certificate of title reference or instrument number; registered proprietor's name; application number.)
1. NA106B/806; Julie Lesley McQuoid and Clifton Killip Lyon; 5308027.1.
2. NA52B/298; Marian Kaye Absolum; 5308653.2.
3. NA45A/1384; Renato Daniele Moretti, James Colin Raea and Serafino Marino Moretti; 5308712.1.
4. NA1081/255; Henry Simpson Stevens and Barbara Dawn Stevens; 5310158.1.
5. NA51B/443 and lease A. 21341; Lawrence James Ames and Katrina Edith Ames; 5310214.1.
6. Lease C. 308353.2; Christopher John Burton and Kiran Dutt; 5310568.1.
7. NA87D/707; Christopher John Burton and Kiran Dutt; 5310568.2.
8. NA4D/760; Clarence Walter Goodson and Muriel Patience Goodson; 5309270.1.
9. Lease C. 301190.1; Doreen Mae Chivers; 5309302.1.
10. NA69B/349 and NA69B/350 and leases B. 714403.44 and B. 714403.45; Marcel Jean Van Hooft and Janette Maria Van Hooft; 5309631.1.
11. NA60A/218; Robert Browne Tennent, Brenda Margaret Tennent and David Brian Russell; 5313123.1.
12. NA1046/30; Meng-hang Tsai; 5313851.1.
13. NA103C/385; Shu Wah Yip, Ngan Hing Yick, Joseph Tak Shing Yip and Henry Tak Shun Yip; 5310603.3.
14. Lease B. 947732.6; Peter John Bassett, Tania Marie Bassett and David John Clemmett; 5311351.3.
15. HA1091/237, NA1D/1475 and NA984/196; Ivan Tony Soich; 5315838.1.
16. Lease 27867; Lois Josephine Carroll; 5306293.1.
17. Lease B. 586017.2; Frank Fenunuiava Lio-Willie; 5309530.2.
Land registration district of North Auckland.
Dated at the Auckland Office of Land Information
New Zealand this 15th day of August 2002.
R. W. MUIR, Registrar-General of Land.