Notice Type
Land Transfers/Joint Family Homes
Notice Title

Land Transfer Act Notice

I hereby give notice of my intention to issue new or provisional instruments of title in place of those declared lost and described in the Schedule below upon the expiration of 14 days from the date of the publication in the
New Zealand Gazette.
(Certificate of title reference or instrument number; registered proprietor's name; application number.)
1. NA126A/795; Juliet Wakefield; 5222078.1.
2. Lease 364710.4; Garry Graham Randell and Barbara Constance Randell; 5213903.2.
3. Lease 31003; Florence Jane Gilder; 5225561.1.
4. Lease 332882.8; James Colin Grogan and Patricia Josephine Margaret Grogan; 5225757.1.
5. NA22B/17; Christopher Stephen Wright and Hilda Blanche Wright; 5226154.1.
6. Lease B. 126406.2; Leonard Ross Armiger and Glenda Valerie Armiger; 522198.1.
7. Leases B. 084898.2, B. 084898.3 and B. 084898.4; Wah Kung Wong, Ngaire Wong and Sam Ming Chan; 5214236.1.
8. NA18A/276; Maurice Henry George Hodgkins and Moira Pam Hodgkins; 5216900.1.
9. NA103C/874; John James McVicker and Katrina Cecilia McVicker; 5222959.1.
10. Lease 345340.3; Annita Marie Zanovich and Gladys Ailsa Zanovich; 5228087.1.
11. NA32D/263 and lease 183571.4; David John Ensor and Susan Elizabeth Ensor; 5228099.1.
12. NA130B/522; David John Ensor and Susan Elizabeth Ensor; 5228118.1.
13. Lease B. 760506.40; Kevin Bruce Spicer and Catherine Mary Spicer; 5228136.1.
14. NA576/111; Max Rodney Pople, Anthony Walter Mexted and Colleen Elsie Mexted; 5228247.1.
15. NA1881/88; Whangarei County Council; 5229261.1.
16. Lease D. 1811261.3; David Simon Welch and Susan Bainbridge; 5224072.1.
17. NA104D/723; Michael Ross Siddells and Jenny Nget-Len Liew-Siddells; 5232725.1.
18. Lease D. 188083.3; Michael Ross Siddells and Jenny Nget-Len Liew-Siddells; 5232725.3.
19. NA15A/1278; Te Rapu Tui Pitman and others; 5229744.1.
20. NA64D/531 and lease B. 640707.3; Grant Stuart Carnegie; 5227914.1.
21. Lease B. 602246.2; Fay Georgina Heywood; 5228322.3.
22. NA835/244; John Fitzgerald Edwards and Mary Siatua Lavulo; 5232677.1.
Land registration district of North Auckland.
Dated at the Auckland Office of Land Information
New Zealand this 23rd day of May 2002.
R. W. MUIR, Registrar-General of Land.