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Notice Type
Land Transfers/Joint Family Homes
Notice Title

Land Transfer Act Notice

I hereby give notice of my intention to issue new or provisional instruments of title in place of those declared lost and described in the Schedule below upon the expiration of 14 days from the date of this publication.
(Certificate of title reference unless otherwise stated; registered proprietor's name; application number.)
1. 29A/592; Shirley Jean Moss and Donald Moss; D. 656167.
2. 11C/1178; John Wickham Rossiter and Susanne Ngaire Rossiter; D. 663486.
3. 789/39; Peter Jeffery Sammons and Andrea Luana McPeake; D. 663554.
4. Lease 168530.3; Juanita Looi, James Lowe and Norma Lowe; D. 663569.
5. 99A/124 and lease C. 693946A.2; Dorothy Faye McLeay; D. 663680.
6. 1391/52; Bryan John Fifield, David Bryan De La Mare, Jayne Elizabeth De La Mare, Bruce William Bothwell, Christopher John Hancock and Warahine Contractors; D. 663852.
7. 675/26 and 5A/1106; Otaka Holdings NZ Limited; D. 664004.
8. 95C/119; Colin Kenneth Rubie and Betty Alice Rubie; D. 665213.
9. 1335/32; Walter Charles Coleman; D. 665417.
10. 1008/114; Stanley Darryl Middleton Moodie and Geraldine Francis Moodie; D. 665677.
11. 385/120; Lindsay Bruce Bolton and Annette Joan Bolton; D. 665703.
12. Mortgage C. 370402.3; Housing New Zealand Corporation; D. 665960.
13. 98B/613 and lease C. 667305.4; Janice Katherine Hogg and Stanislav Lesak; D. 666328.
14. 75D/664; Graham Leslie Hogan and Kathleen Gladys Hogan; D. 666491.
15. 131A/527; Hallett Trust Co Limited; D. 666498.
16. Mortgage D. 604921.3; Westpac Banking Corporation; D. 666498.
17. 23B/1238; Grant Femmel Sutherland and Joanne Leslie Lewin; D. 666666.
18. 27D/201; Chin Chien Lin and Lee Shan Lin; D. 666684.
19. 88A/619 and lease C. 329996.5; Clarke Francis Pointon; D. 667200.
20. 855/110; Gary Norman Furness, Richard Campbell Kerby and Harold James Sneyd; D. 667297.
21. 801/265; Betty Lorraine Harborne and Walter John Harborne; D. 667380.
22. 31C/1250; Harry Douglas Irwin and Mary Irwin; D. 667491.
23. 37D/707; Graeme Douglas Funnell and Noeline Joan Funnell; D. 667829.
24. Lease 234308.6; Brian Gerard Quinn; D. 667853.
25. 64B/619 and lease B. 643825.36; Frank Richard Turner; D. 667857.
26. Lease 519320.4; Stephen John McHugh and Shona Janette McHugh; D. 667904.
27. Lease B. 196605.3; Dermot James Kelly and Pauline Gaye Kelly; D. 667936.
28. 2105/55; Kalpesh Patel and Lila Patel; D. 668034.
29. Mortgage B. 489380.5; ANZ Banking Group
(New Zealand) Limited; D. 668034.
30. 44D/132 and lease 568981.2; Darrell James Whiteman and Gail Sheryl Whiteman; D. 668316.
31. 72A/992; Heffernan Holdings (Auck.) Limited; D. 668344.
32. Lease C. 499856A.2; Judith Winnifred Petrie; D. 668467.
33. 106A/148; Alexander James McGregor and Mary McGregor; D. 668557.
34. 112A/572; Judith Anne Bristol; D. 669189.
35. 85D/249; Jing Sheng and Fang Xu; D. 669280.
36. Mortgage C. 861224.2; ASB Bank Limited; D. 669280.
37. 91A/371; Ambrico Apartments Limited; D. 669329.
38. 30B/1379; Leonard Aekins, Barry Gribben, Laila Harre, Angela Middleton, Derek Hayward, Neil Hefford and John Stansfield; D. 669513.
Dated at the Auckland Land Information New Zealand
Office this 28th day of December 2001.
CAROLE WILLIAMS, for Registrar-General of Land.