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Land Notices
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Revocation of a Notice Relating to the Classification of Reserves and Issue of a Fresh Notice

Under section 6 (3) of the Reserves Act 1977, and by reason of an error made in the notice described subsequently, the Community Relations Manager revokes the notice headed Classification of a Reserve dated 17 September 2001 and published in the New Zealand Gazette, 15 November 2001, No. 155, page 3842, and issues the following notice as a fresh notice in its place.
Declaration That Land is a Reserve
Under the Reserves Act 1977, the Community Relations Manager, Southland Conservancy, Department of Conservation, notifies that the following resolution
was passed by the Invercargill City Council on 14 August 2001:
"In exercise of the powers conferred on it by section 14 of the Reserves Act 1977, the Invercargill City Council resolves that land held by the council in fee simple and described in the Schedule, be declared to be recreation reserves".
Southland Land District-Invercargill City
Centre Street
0.0888 hectares, being Section 130, Block I, Invercargill Hundred, C.T. B4/1460.
Chesney Place, Chesney Street
(a) 0.0682 hectares, being Lot 14, D.P. 9008, C.T. 5A/314; and
(b) 0.0625 hectares, being Lot 10, D.P. 7995, C.T. 1A/1047; and
(c) 0.0632 hectares, being Lot 11, D.P. 7995, C.T. 1A/1048.
Dipton Street
0.1214 hectares, being Lot 2, D.P. 5092, C.T. 1A/549.
Herriot Street
(a) 0.0584 hectares, being Lot 17, D.P. 3575, C.T. A4/1150; and
(b) 0.0579 hectares, being Lot 18, D.P. 3575, C.T. A4/1150.
Ness Street
0.0620 hectares, being Lot 1, D.P. 9828, C.T. 5D/112.
Palmer Street
0.2873 hectares, being part Lot 13, D.P. 2334, C.T. A4/1294.
Panton Street
0.5605 hectares, being Lot 11, Block II, D.P. 241, and Lot 6, D.P. 3280, C.T. 1A/382.
Pomona Street
0.1012 hectares, being part Lot 47, D.P. 3, C.T. B4/1295.
Seddon Street
(a) 0.0698 hectares, being Lot 15, D.P. 8841, C.T. 5A/747; and
(b) 0.0711 hectares, being Lot 16, D.P. 8841, C.T. 5A/765.
Dated at Invercargill this 5th day of June 2002.
(DOC C.O. RLP0008)