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Land Notices
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Land in Westland Land District Forfeited

Pursuant to section 146 of the Land Act 1948 and section 64 (3) of the Conservation Act 1987, the Conservator, West Coast Conservancy, hereby declares the undermentioned lease forfeited and that the land is thereby reverted to land subject to section 62 of the Conservation Act 1987.
Tenure: Special Lease No. S. 145.
Description: R.S. 2822, Block XII, Pohaturoa Survey District, and R.S. 5032 and R.S. 5033, Blocks VII, VIII, XI and XII, Pohaturoa Survey District.
Area: 1040.0421 hectares.
Certificate of Title: Volume 5B, folio 738.
Lessees: David Wayne O'Donnell, Eileen Rita O'Donnell and Wayne Dale O'Donnell as Trustees of the O'Donnell Family Trust.
Date of Forfeiture: 9 April 2002.
Dated at Hokitika this 14th day of May 2002.
MICHAEL JOHN SLATER, Conservator, West Coast Tai Pountini Conservancy.