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European Union Sheepmeat and Goatmeat, and United States Beef and Veal Reserved Quota Allowance Applications for the 2003 Quota Year

Pursuant to Section 33 of the Meat Board Act 1997
In accordance with the Quota Allowance Allocation System in Respect of European Union (EU) Sheepmeat and Goatmeat Tariff Rate Quota and the Quota Allowance Allocation System in Respect of United States (US) Beef and Veal Tariff Rate Quota, 3% of each of the total annual tariff quotas available to New Zealand is set aside as Reserved Quota Allowance (RQA) for possible allocation to New Entrants.
The closing date for applications from New Entrants (including Year 2 and Year 3 New Entrants) for RQA
for the 2003 Quota Year for both tariff quotas is
1 September 2002.
Applications must be made in writing on Form 7 or 8
(US Beef and Veal) or Form 8 or 9 (EU Sheepmeat and Goatmeat), section 18 of the respective Quota Manuals.
Printable copies of the appropriate application forms
are available from Meat New Zealand's web site at
Please note the application forms applicable to the 2003 Quota Year were amended in August 2002.
Applications for RQA for the 2003 Quota Year must be completed using the amended forms.
Applicants must provide:
? an application fee of $2,500.00 + G.S.T. for each quota
(non refundable);
? Meat New Zealand Export Licence Number;
? evidence of procurement details, with accompanying letter(s) of confirmation if applicable;
? evidence of ability to process at an EU or US Department of Agriculture (as appropriate) Listed Premises or ability to toll process with accompanying letter(s) of confirmation; and
? evidence of marketing arrangements with accompanying letter(s) of confirmation if applicable.
New Entrant applicants for EU Sheepmeat and Goatmeat or US Beef and Veal RQA are advised that any New Entrant that has not produced qualifying product by the end of March in the applicable production season shall have any conditional RQA held by that applicant revert to the
New Zealand Meat Board for allocation in accordance with the provisions of the respective Quota Allowance Allocation Systems.
Please direct any inquiries by telephone to Mary Malone on (04) 474 0838 or Anne Berryman (04) 474 0844.
Dated at Wellington this 21st day of August 2002.
C. BRYAN, Acting Board Secretary, New Zealand Meat Board.