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Radio Frequency Auction No. 5-Final Results

The following is a list of successful bidders, who bid in Radio Frequency Auction No. 5, 23 July 2002 to 9 August 2002:
Lot No. Successful Bidder Amount Bid
01_WLL_01 TelstraClear Limited $675,000
01_WLL_02 TelstraClear Limited $675,000
01_WLL_03 TelstraClear Limited $710,000
01_WLL_04 Vodafone Mobile NZ Limited $730,000
01_WLL_05 Counties Power Limited $700,000
01_WLL_06 Counties Power Limited $540,000
01_WLL_07 Broadcast Communications Limited $710,000
01_WLL_08 Broadcast Communications Limited $710,000
01_WLL_09 Broadcast Communications Limited $710,000
02_900_01 Vodafone Mobile NZ Limited $2,050,026
03_LMDS_01 Vodafone Mobile NZ Limited $198,000
03_LMDS_02 Vodafone Mobile NZ Limited $195,000
03_LMDS_03 Broadcast Communications Limited $155,000
03_LMDS_04 TelstraClear Limited $180,445
03_LMDS_05 TelstraClear Limited $150,004
04_1800_01 Not sold
Dated at Wellington this 6th day of November 2002.
NEVILLE HARRIS, Deputy Secretary, Operations Branch, Ministry of Economic Development.