Notice Type
Notice Title

Notice to the Earthquake Commission

Pursuant to section 5 of the Earthquake Commission
Act 1993:
(a) On 13 December 2001, an old gold mine collapsed in Waihi, damaging or endangering a number of nearby homes.
(b) The Crown has established a technical working party to investigate the effect of underground mine workings on the safety of various homes in Waihi ("the investigation").
(c) The Minister of Finance wishes to confer functions
on the Earthquake Commission in relation to the investigation.
Now, therefore:
1. Pursuant to section 5 of the Earthquake Commission Act 1993, I, The Honourable Trevor Mallard,
Acting Minister of Finance, hereby give notice that the following functions will be conferred on the Earthquake Commission:
(i) To organise and oversee the valuation of affected homes on the basis of a fair and reasonable market value.
(ii) To identify the locality of properties in the high and medium subsidence zones.
(iii) To establish if any homes can be removed, the costs of removal, and availability and costs
of suitable alternate locations.
(iv) To advise the Minister of Finance about any other matters relating to the investigation as requested from time to time.
2. This notice comes into effect on and from the date of execution.
Dated this 1st day of October 2002.
Signed by the said Honourable:
TREVOR MALLARD, Acting Minister of Finance.