Notice Type
General Notices
Notice Title

Notice of Entry into Possession of

Mortgaged Property
Pursuant to Section 106 of the Land Transfer Act 1952
On the 21st day of March 2002, TEA Custodians (Equitable) Limited entered into possession as mortgagee of the property of Metropolis Carparking Limited at
87-89 Greys Avenue, Auckland, being certificates of
title 980/173, 506/172, 506/173, 977/161 and 77B/401
(all North Auckland Registry) ("the property").
All Communications Relating to the Property May be Sent to the Attention of: Lester Andrew Wright, care of Dresden Properties Limited, Floor Eight, 57-59 Symonds Street (Private Bag 92-142), Auckland. Telephone: (09) 303 1255. Facsimile: (09) 303 4224.