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The names of the following companies were returned to the Register on the 4th day of February 2002:
Darroch Industrial Consultants Limited AK. 310168.
Dove-Kraft Industries Limited WN. 476595.
Freedom Technologies Limited AK. 422939.
Helens Fashions Limited WN. 039952.
Helens Fashions (Paraparaumu) Limited WN. 362686.
Kiwi Switchgear Company Limited AK. 230449.
Metalife Industries (1988) Limited AK. 397721.
Mister Baker Limited AK. 304811.
Riddell Investments (Rotorua) Limited AK. 451625.
Supalite Signs Limited AK. 111651.
They had been struck off the Register, under section 336 (4) of the Companies Act 1955 (unamended), on the grounds that the Registrar had reasonable cause to believe that no liquidators were acting in their liquidations.
However, this was incorrect.
The liquidations were continuing.
The procedure commenced, under section 336, for each to be struck off was null and void (refer Re Crott's Application (1991) 5 NZCLC 67,325) and it is proper that the Register be corrected by returning the names to the Register.
Dated this 4th day of February 2002.
NEVILLE HARRIS, Registrar of Companies.