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Approval for the Fitting of Specialist Work Lamps on Motor Vehicles

Pursuant to Regulation 88 of the Traffic Regulations 1976, and under delegated authority, I, John Patrick White, Manager Safer Vehicles Policy, approve those lamps specified in the Schedule for use as auxiliary spotlamps under Regulation 65 (b) of those Regulations, subject to the conditions specified in this notice.
Specialist work lamps in the form of steady burning lamps fitted to the roof of a taxi, the purpose of which is to temporarily illuminate street signs or locate addresses, or
to illuminate an area to the side of the vehicle when passengers are alighting from or entering the vehicle.
A taxi, namely a small passenger service vehicle that is operating under a Transport Service Licence under the Transport Services Licensing Act 1989, may be fitted with up to two specialist work lamps, in addition to its normal operating lamps, provided that:
1. Only one lamp may be fitted to each side of the vehicle, and each lamp may only be fitted with a single light source that projects a beam of light that is white in colour.
2. Each lamp must be mounted in a fixed position so that the beam is projected at right angles to the centre-line of the vehicle, and the beam must be dipped so that its centre falls on a surface that is level with the surface on which the vehicle is standing at a distance not exceeding 25 metres from the vehicle.
3. The centre of each lamp lens must be within 300mm of the centre line of the vehicle's "B" pillar for a car or station-wagon, and within 700mm for a van.
4. The lamp lens must not be larger than 125mm x 75mm or 120mm in diameter and be of conventional design
- not ellipsoidal type lamps.
5. The lamps must be wired in such a manner that only one side may be illuminated at any one time and the lamp may only remain illuminated if the switch is held depressed by the operator.
6. The maximum light that may be emitted by a lamp
is equivalent to that emitted by a lamp fitted with
a single tungsten filament light source with a power consumption of no more than 55 Watts.
7. The mounting of the lamps must be such that it is not possible for them to be misaligned when in service.
8. The lamps may be integrated into a taxi sign fitted to the roof of the taxi.
9. These lamps may only be operated during the hours
of darkness and only when the vehicle is stationary or when it is travelling at a speed not exceeding 10km/h.
10. This approval expires on the date on which the Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Lighting comes into force.
Dated at Wellington on the 16th day of December 2002.
JOHN PATRICK WHITE, Manager Safer Vehicles Policy, Land Transport Safety Authority.