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Authorities/Other Agencies of State
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Traffic Sign-Fatigue Information Sign

Pursuant to section 129 (6) of the Traffic Regulations 1976, and pursuant to a sub-delegation from the Director of Land Transport Safety by an instrument dated 3 May 1999,
I, Peter Graeme Croft, Manager Safer Roads, authorise the erection, installation and maintenance of the information sign described in Schedule 1 of this notice and subject to the terms set out in Schedule 2 of this notice.
Schedule 1
General Purpose of Sign
A fatigue information sign is used to advise drivers to take a spell from driving.
Description of Sign
A fatigue information sign is generally in the form depicted in Diagram 1 and in accordance with the minimum dimensions and specifications detailed below:
(a) Shape and size: rectangular 1680mm wide, 535mm high.
(b) Background colour: reflectorised blue.
(c) Border: reflectorised white.
(d) Legend: reflectorised white:
(i) the words "Feeling sleepy?" letters, height 120mm, stroke width 20mm;
(ii) the words "TAKE A BREAK" letters, height 140mm, stroke width 22mm.
Schedule 2
Operating Conditions
The fatigue information sign can be used only where a rest area or service centre, which offers 24-hour provision for rest, comfort and refreshment, exists within one kilometre of the sign.
Diagram 1
Dated at Wellington this 9th day of December 2002.
PETER GRAEME CROFT, Manager, Safer Roads.